LS1.1: Organelle Dynamics
LS1.1InvitedAnalysis of constitutive exocytosis by high-resolution fluorescence microscopy.
LS1.1InvitedQuantitative analysis of organelle movement in living cells
LS1.1InvitedControl of secretion at the immunological synapse
LS1.1InvitedMotors and protein translation: unexpected insights from a fungal model system
LS1.1OralMapping intracellular polarity and viscosity simultaneously in live cells using fluorescence lifetime imaging
LS1.1OralCOG complex forms spatial landmarks for distinct Golgi SNARE complexes
LS1.1OralImaging von Willebrand Factor secretion in vascular endothelial cells using live-cell imaging and correlative light and electron microscopy
LS1.1OralInvestigating the role of endocytosis in focal adhesion disassembly
LS1.1OralPull it, stretch it: optical tweezers to demonstrate organisation of the cortical endoplasmic reticulum
LS1.1OralFunctional pairs of opposing microtubule motors dictate motility, morphology, and domain organization of endosomes
LS1.1OralInvestigating the bioenergetic regulation of parkin-induced mitophagy
LS1.1OralControlling plant organelle movement and positioning: characterisation of Arabidopsis thaliana myosin XIK
LS1.1PosterMetabolic engineering of vitamin E production in tobacco chloroplast
LS1.1PosterNovel mammalian ribosomal system: probing the biogenesis and functional hot spots of the ribosome
LS1.1PosterIon Conductance Microscopy with Smart Patch Clamp compared with Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy
LS1.1PosterLiver stereology and biometry of cadmium chloride intoxicated rats treated with Arrabidaea chica hydroethanolic extract
LS1.1PosterCorrelative 3D-electron microscopic and biochemical analyses of cellular reorganizations in response to 2-deoxy-D-glucose treatment
LS1.1PosterSpherites provide elemental supply in overwintering Mollusca, Opiliones and Insecta
LS1.1PosterImaging analysis by electron microscopy of volutin granules formation in some species of bacteria during the growth, yeast and protozoa after the stresses
LS1.1PosterCytoskeletal rearrangements decrease apical endocytotic activity in urothelial cell during differentiation
LS1.1PosterStudy of subcellular dynamics on cell-substrate interactions by live cell imaging

LS1.2: Biology of the Cell Nucleus
LS1.2InvitedDynamics and 3D-organization of Arabidopsis chromosomes
LS1.2InvitedMitotic chromosomes are compacted laterally by KIF4 and Condensin and axially by Topoisomerase IIalpha
LS1.2InvitedDNA and chromatin imaging with super-resolution fluorescence microscopy based on single-molecule localization
LS1.2InvitedTri-snRNP surveillance in the cell nucleus
LS1.2OralDistribution of H3 histones in chromatin of mammalian interphase nuclei and mitotic chromosomes as revealed by structured illumination imaging
LS1.2OralQuantitative analysis of DNA damage response by laser scanning cytometry, confocal microscopy and 3D image analysis
LS1.2OralDual-wavelength nonlinear photoperturbation for the study of the DNA damage-induced dynamics of nuclear proteins
LS1.2OralNuclear PIP2 and myosin I: new important players in DNA transcription
LS1.2OralExploring SUN proteins at the plant nuclear envelope
LS1.2OralFrom cryo-TEM study of lipid-DNA- complexes to nuclear pore assembly and regulation of gene expression
LS1.2Oral3D characterization of chromatin structure
LS1.2PosterNuclear behavior and chromatin modification during pollen embryogenesis in barley
LS1.2PosterEvaluation of Differentiation Potential of Mouse Embryonic and Mesencyhmal Stem Cells to Chondrocytes
LS1.2PosterThe effect of vitamin D receptor silencing on voltage sensitive calcium channel alpha 1 D in cortical neurons
LS1.2PosterA simple means to remodel the nuclear periphery experimentally

LS1.3: Cytoskeleton and Signalling
LS1.3InvitedHigh resolution light microscopy of diseased nuclei is revealing new insights into the structure and functions of the nuclear lamins
LS1.3InvitedThe cellular behaviour of myosin 10
LS1.3InvitedMolecular dissection of lamellipodia protrusion using advanced imaging techniques
LS1.3InvitedMembrane tension regulates motility by controlling lamellipodium organization
LS1.3OralA FRET based approach to investigate protein-protein interactions within filopodia at the single cell level
LS1.3OralPAK6 is required for junction disassembly during HGF-induced cell migration
LS1.3OralFormin1 forms a bridge between the actin cytoskeleton and the plant cell wall

LS1.4: Applied Imaging brain structure and function across different spatial and temporal scales
LS1.4InvitedDendritic computations by thin dendrites of cerebellar interneurons.
LS1.4InvitedStructural Neurobiology: The dense reconstruction of neuronal circuits
LS1.4InvitedSingle vesicle/molecule studies of calcium triggered synaptic vesicle fusion
LS1.4InvitedDeep Synapse Diversity: Why it Matters and How to Measure it
LS1.4InvitedA 2-photon acousto-optic lens (AOL) microscope for high-speed 3D imaging of neural activity
LS1.4InvitedEstimates of vesicle diffusion and active-zone supply rates at cerebellar mossy fibre terminals using FRAP and 3D reaction-diffusion simulations
LS1.4InvitedInvestigating the connectivity and function of neuronal networks in visual cortex with two-photon imaging
LS1.4InvitedCompartmentalization and cooperation of synaptic inputs
LS1.4InvitedTowards an understanding of the intrinsic biophyisical diversity and connectivity of mammalian neurons
LS1.4InvitedDual-color superresolution imaging of synapses and glia cells in living brain slices using STED microscopy
LS1.4InvitedProperties of dendrites of pyramidal neurons in anterior cingulate cortex
LS1.4InvitedDiverse distribution of voltage-gated ion channels on the surface of hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells
LS1.4InvitedExploring the mouse visual cortex in vivo with two-photon calcium imaging.
LS1.4OralThree-dimensional imaging and photostimulation by remote-focusing and holographic light patterning
LS1.4OralSerial Section Scanning Electron Microscopy (S3EM) on Silicon Wafers for Ultrastructural Volume Imaging of Cells and Tissues
LS1.4OralFast hemodynamic responses in the awake visual cortex
LS1.4OralDevelopment of a one- and two-photon microscopy pipeline for automated image acquisition of mouse brain in 3D
LS1.4OralActivation and suppression of specific neuronal subpopulations enables efficient encoding during natural movies
LS1.4OralInvestigation of dendritic integration in spiny stellate cells of barrel cortex with 2-photon uncaging.
LS1.4Oral3D-visualisation of input synapses of a motion-detecting neuron using scanning electron microscopy
LS1.4OralImaging Cortical Vasculature with Stimulated Raman Scattering and Two-Photon Photothermal Lensing Microscopy
LS1.4Oralgenetically encoded miniSOG probes for light and EM imaging: applications to neural tracing and cell biological analysis in Drosophila
LS1.4OralTargeted presynaptic patch-clamp using Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy
LS1.4OralImaging nanoscale mobility in cellular space using time-resolved fluorescent anisotropy imaging microscopy
LS1.4PosterHigh-speed functional imaging of neural activity in 3D using a novel two-photon microscope based on an acousto-optic lens (AOL)
LS1.4PosterEndocytic structures and synaptic vesicle recycling at a central synapse probed in the awake behaving rat: ex-vivo visualization and 3D reconstruction using S3EM
LS1.4PosterAstrocytes and electron microscopy: Friends or enemies? A combination of cryosectioning and correlative light-electron microscopy to analyse astrocytes.
LS1.4PosterCo-localization of neuropeptide Y and noradrenaline in the rat brainstem at cellular and ultra-structural levels

LS1.5: Uninvited Guests: visualising host-pathogen interactions
LS1.5InvitedImaging motile parasites during transmission of malaria
LS1.5InvitedIntegrated structural cell biology of herpesvirus-host interactions
LS1.5InvitedDynamics of HIV-1 assembly
LS1.5InvitedThe Mimivirus Paradigm: Structural Studies of the Infection Cycle of Giant Viruses
LS1.5InvitedHow vaccinia virus manipulates signalling and the cytoskeleton to enhance its spread
LS1.5InvitedESCRT-III and HIV-1 budding
LS1.5OralApplying confocal microscopy to study biology of Nairobi sheep disease virus in infected cells
LS1.5OralInteraction of platelets with bacteria visualized by transmission electron microscopy and electron tomography
LS1.5OralVirus Associated Pyramids in Sulfolobus islandicus: A TEM study for their formation and self assembly characteristics
LS1.5OralObservation of host-pathogen interactions between isopod crustacean and intracellular bacterium Rahbdochlamydia porcellionis by combination of TEM, FESEM and FISH approach
LS1.5PosterCollagen VI encodes antimicrobial activity: Novel innate host defense properties of the extracellular matrix
LS1.5PosterFormation of ‘dormant’ Borrelia stage
LS1.5PosterINFECTOBESITY: The Role of Adenoviruses in Aetiology of Obesity
LS1.5PosterEM analysis of expression of recombinant Hepatitis B virus core antigen in E. coli and assembly to core particles
LS1.5PosterThe occurrence of pseudorabies in wild boar and hunting dogs in Austria
LS1.5PosterDowny Mildew (Plasmopara viticola) - Mechanisms of Pathogenicity
LS1.5PosterBio-imaging studies on host pathogen interactions
LS1.5PosterInfection of kiwifruit vines by the bacteria Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae (Psa)
LS1.5PosterApplication of the electron tomography to the study of membrane biogenesis of Mimivirus
LS1.5PosterMorphological study of Legionella species
LS1.5PosterUltrastructural characteristics of Clostridium difficile colonies
LS1.5PosterRapid ultrastructural identification of plant virus diseases

LS1.6: Imaging and flow cytometry in Cancer Biology
LS1.6InvitedUsing Computer Vision to See Cellular Networks
LS1.6InvitedSensing Dynamic Changes In Complex Tumor Cell Populations By Imaging And Flow Cytometry: Role Of NCAM Polysialylation-In Adherence Transitions Of Small Cell Lung Cancer
LS1.6InvitedAn imaging parallel microfluidic cytometer
LS1.6InvitedMapping signalling events in the immune system, in situ
LS1.6PosterPrognostic value of T-cell CD38 expression in B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia
LS1.6PosterFully automated microscopy approaches for improved bladder cancer detection from voided urine, using immuncytochemistry and multiprobe FISH assay
LS1.6PosterMonitoring Stage-Specific Effects of Cell Cycle Inhibitors in Asynchronous Cell Populations by flow and imaging cytometry
LS1.6PosterCancer stem cell mobility and fluidity analyzed with multiphoton microscopy as a marker for tumour aggressiveness
LS1.6PosterQuantification and Analysis of P-glycoprotein Expression Using Spatial Intensity Distribution Analysis
LS1.6PosterThe Influence of Ascorbic Acid Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles on Cancer Cells

LS1.7 / LS2.8: In vivo imaging of multicellular dynamics and complexity
LS1.7InvitedImaging molecular dynamics in vivo: from cell biology to animal models
LS1.7InvitedImaging of conserved eukaryotic fusogens that function in membrane and organ sculpting in C. elegans
LS1.7InvitedMechanisms and dynamics of leukocyte migration to sites of inflammation: As investigation using high resolution real-time in vivo confocal microscopy
LS1.7InvitedVisualisation and engineering of plant morphogenesis
LS1.7OralAdvanced real-time multiphoton-based (FLIM-FRET) imaging in vivo reveals surrounding tissue microenvironment spatially regulates RhoGTPase activity during cancer cell invasion.
LS1.7OralNicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) recycling at the mouse NMJ: a microscopic perspective
LS1.7OralImaging the dynamics of cytoplasmic flow within living fungal colonies
LS1.7OralPhotobleaching and photoactivation techniques reveal the cell coupling in plant species with different sucrose loading strategies
LS1.7OralIn vitro multi-photon molecular imaging visualizes inflammatory and immune cell cross-talks in adult common disease
LS1.7PosterThe effects of alpha lipoic acid on damaged liver cells induced by n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the young rats
LS1.7PosterIntravital imaging of Src response to Dasatinib treatment using FLIM-FRET in vivo
LS1.7PosterHistopathological evaluation of exogenous oxytocin on Streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic adult rat testes
LS1.7PosterOxytocin protects against ischemia/reperfusion injury in kidney tissue
LS1.7PosterOxytocin ameliorates skeletal muscle after ischemia/reperfusion injury
LS1.7PosterInvestigation of fat injection effects on cranial bone deffects
LS1.7PosterExendin-4 inhibits mitochondrial apoptotic pathway via clusterin in the pancreatic islets in neonatal STZ treated rats
LS2.8InvitedIntravital multiphoton microscopy in infection and immunity
LS2.8InvitedImaging the cellular cascade driving the initiation of immune responses in lymphoid tissues
LS2.8InvitedNon invasive imaging of vascular remodeling
LS2.8OralImaging epithelial morphogenesis in live embryonic tissue on a single cell level in the developing hair placode
LS2.8OralFast two-photon in vivo and in vitro imaging in near-cubic-millimeter volume up to sub-millisecond temporal resolution
LS2.8OralUsing chlorophyll fluorescence to rapidly discriminate C3 from C4 photosynthesis in plants
LS2.8PosterThe Beatson Advanced Imaging Resource (BAIR)
LS2.8PosterESEM applied to living biological specimens - A preliminary trials

LS2.1: Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy for life sciences
LS2.1InvitedMultidimensional localization microscopy using conventional fluorochromes and single wavelength illumination.
LS2.1InvitedProbing intracellular transport with correlated live cell and super resolution microscopy
LS2.1InvitedPhoto-switchable fluorophores for super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.
LS2.1InvitedPrinciples of Optical Nanoscopy
LS2.1OralStructured illumination microscopy: A useful tool to analyse autofluorescent material within age-related sub-retinal pigment epithelium deposits in the human eye
LS2.1OralAlgorithm Specific Comparison of Gen II sCMOS and EM-CCD Cameras for Precision Localization Microscopy using a Camera Simulation Engine
LS2.1OralDual colour photoactivation localisation microscopy of flotillin microdomains
LS2.1OralMicroscopic Analysis of the Interaction of Corynebacterium diphtheriae with Mouse Macrophages revealed by Quantum Dot Sub Diffraction Imaging
LS2.1OralNanometric particle localization and tracking in three dimensional cellular biology.
LS2.1OralTest Samples for STORM Super-Resolution Imaging
LS2.1OralReproducible super-resolution microscopy
LS2.1OralUsing 3D PALM to image the Z-disc in cardiomyocytes
LS2.1PosterDetecting early endocytic proteins using photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM)
LS2.1Poster3D biplane PALM super-resolution microscopy: modeling biological structures & the system resolution
LS2.1PosterSuperior contrast and high-sensitivity detection using Leica® HyD: An improvement in CSLM quantitative analysis

LS2.2: Applications and advances in High Content Imaging
LS2.2InvitedIntelligent Imaging for Systems Microscopy
LS2.2InvitedHigh-content screening and morphometric analysis in primary cells.
LS2.2OralLarge area of interest 3D imaging of retinal pigment epithelium using image stitching of multiple structured illumination microscopy images
LS2.2OralTools for tracking cell lineages coping with asymmetric and symmetric cell division and occult cell cycle routing
LS2.2OralCombining atomic force microscopy and multiphoton autofluorescence microscopy to detect Aspergillus fumigatus biofilm: a step forward to develop a clinical tool.
LS2.2OralProtocolNavigator - a virtual laboratory environment for encapsulating and visualizing practice variation in cell-based analysis
LS2.2PosterComparison of the internalisation of the adenosine-A1 and adenosine-A3 receptors using high content imaging and TIRF.
LS2.2PosterConfocal Raman Microscopy: True Surface and 3D Raman Imaging
LS2.2PosterApplication of a Thermo-Reversible Mountant, CyGEL, for High Content Imaging of Live Cells, Model Organisms and Parasites

LS2.3: Probes for light and electron microscopy
LS2.3InvitedMetallothionein and A3 peptide as clonable high-density markers for cryo-electron microscopy
LS2.3Invited"New approaches for correlated LM and 3D EM applied to MULTISCALE CHALLENGES: Bridging Gaps in Knowledge and Understanding"
LS2.3OralLabeling of ultrathin resin sections for correlative light and electron microscopy
LS2.3OralImproving detection of low abundant proteins and RNAs in plant tissues
LS2.3OralA fluorescence electron microscope: cathodoluminescence detection gives the resolution of electron microscopy with colour discrimination.
LS2.3OralNew labels for multiple immunolabeling in high resolution SEM.
LS2.3PosterSubcellular distribution of glutathione within different areas of Arabidopsis leaves
LS2.3PosterA confocal microscopic study of mitochondrial alterations of renal HK-2 cells exposed to an endotoxic stress
LS2.3PosterQuantitative evaluation of freeze-substitution effects on antigen preservation during preparation of biological samples for immunoelectron microscopy
LS2.3PosterIntracellular compartmentation of glutathione and ascorbate during abiotic stress

LS2.4: 3D Image Processing (3D microscopy, 3D image analysis and developmental imaging)
LS2.4InvitedImaging and tracking dynamic processes in live-cell microscopy
LS2.4InvitedImage processing of structured illumination data
LS2.4InvitedQuality control of 3D cell image analysis in optical microscopy
LS2.4InvitedStructure of macromolecular complexes in action by 4D single-particle cryo-EM
LS2.4OralSimultaneous Compositional- and/or Topographical Material Analysis using Low Drift and High Speed Four Video-Outputs Backscattered Electron Detector (AsB4)
LS2.4OralModelling of image formation in cryo electron microscopy
LS2.4OralReductive evolution of large ribosomal subunits - High resolution electron microscopic ribosome reconstructions obtained with automated image acquisition on a direct detection device
LS2.4OralMorphometric SEM 3D analysis of microvascular networks and automated calculation of vessel angioarchitecture optimalities
LS2.4OralFast, spatially varying CTF correction in TEM
LS2.4OralOpenSPIM: An open access Selective Plane Illumination Microscope for the observation of developing fruitfly and zebrafish embryos
LS2.4Oral3D imaging using transmission-through-dye microscopy
LS2.4OralFocused Ion Beam Ablation Tomography
LS2.4PosterElectron tomography and serial block face scanning electron microscopy complement each other in 3D morphological characterization of cell organelles
LS2.4Poster3D FIB-SEM tomography of the interface retinal tissue on a subretinal electronic chip
LS2.4PosterMachine based registration of light and electron microscopy images of serial ultrathin sections to reconstruct specimens in three dimensions
LS2.4PosterCell segmentation macro in ImageJ
LS2.4PosterThe set of stereological morphometric grids macros for ImageJ software
LS2.4PosterSingle cell volume quantitation in multicellular system applying laser scanning microscopy
LS2.4PosterHolographic methods for 3D imaging of phase microscopic objects

LS2.5: 3-D electron microscopy of structure-function studies
LS2.5InvitedIn and out of mitosis - Correlative light and electron microscopy for structural cell biology
LS2.5InvitedMolecular structure of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-rapsyn clusters in native membrane by cryo-electron tomography
LS2.5OralMolecular structure, packing and release of MUC2 with relevance to Cystic Fibrosis
LS2.5OralStructure of the T7 packaging motor: implications in DNA translocation
LS2.5OralFrom FACS to single cell 3D ultrastructure: Array tomography on cytotoxic cells from Zebrafish
LS2.5OralComparison of different methods of three-dimensional reconstruction of electron microscopic data
LS2.5OralStaining strategy of mitotic human chromosomes for three-dimensional structural characterisation
LS2.5OralOptimization of biological sample preparation for 3-D electron microscopy
LS2.5OralEukaryotic like membrane dynamics in prokaryotic cells of Ignicoccus
LS2.5Oral3D correlative light and scanning electron microscopy
LS2.5OralThree dimensional organisation of connections between basal bodies
LS2.5OralThe use of serial block face scanning electron microscopy for high throughput analysis of extracellular matrix deposition
LS2.5OralUltrastructure tools for Drosophila wing imaginal disc analysis and correlative microscopy.
LS2.5Oral3D visualisation of the assembly complex in cells infected with human cytomegalovirus by serial sectioning electron microscopy
LS2.5Poster3D-modelling of heart microcapillaries using focused ion beam - scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM)
LS2.5PosterVisualizing rhodopsin distribution in murine photoreceptor membranes
LS2.5PosterCorrelating in vivo fluorescent light microscopy with high resolution immuno-scanning electron microscopy to study GABAA receptor distribution in cultured rat hippocampal neurons
LS2.5PosterThe keratocyte network of mouse cornea: a three-dimensional study using serial block-face scanning electron microscopy
LS2.5PosterMethod of correlative light-electron microscopy based on vertical sectioning
LS2.5PosterA method to study a monolayer of adherent cells by cryoelectron microscopy
LS2.5PosterSubcellular localization and spatial distribution of enzymes of the energy metabolism and the CO2fixation pathway in Ignicoccus
LS2.5PosterThe projection structure of Kch channel, the transmembrane part of a putative potassium channel in E.coli
LS2.5PosterExamination of the vasa vasorum of the human great saphenous vein: a scanning electron microscopy and 3D-morphometry study of microvascular corrosion casts
LS2.5PosterUltrastructural organization at the growing tip of trypanosome flagella as revealed by three-dimensional electron microscopy
LS2.5PosterExploring the angioarchitecture of the developmenting spleen of Xenopus laevis: an SEM study of VCC
LS2.5PosterCutting Thin While Maintaing Large Volumes at High Resolution Using Serial Block Face Imaging in the SEM

LS2.6 Emerging and Late Breaking Topics in Life Sciences
LS2.6OralA novel cryo-FIB lift-out procedure for cryo-TEM sample preparation
LS2.6OralK2: A Super-Resolution Electron Counting Direct Detection Camera for Cryo-EM
LS2.6OralLabel-free molecular imaging of live stem cells by Raman micro-spectroscopy
LS2.6OralNanoparticles as markers for correlative STORM / TEM studies
LS2.6OralComparison of the ultrastructure of four strains of methane oxidizing bacteria using four different electron microscopy methods
LS2.6OralIsolation of a "prokaryotic cell organelle" from the uniquely compartmentalized anammox bacteria
LS2.6OralA new cryo high-vacuum transfer system for STEM and TEM
LS2.6OralStain-free imaging of A549 cells using quantitative phase information.
LS2.6PosterFunctional expression of the extracellular Ca2+-sensing receptor in pulmonary neuroepithelial bodies unraveled by RT-PCR after laser microdissection, multilabel immunohistochemistry and high resolution confocal calcium imaging
LS2.6PosterUnravelling a GABAergic signalling system in the pulmonary neuroepithelial body microenvironment using confocal live cell imaging and GAD67-GFP mice.
LS2.6PosterEscin Inhibits the Growth of A549 Cells through Induction of Apoptosis
LS2.6PosterApoptosis-inducing Effects of Escin on C6 Glioma Cell
LS2.6PosterRadiation damage of vitrified biological samples at various electron energies
LS2.6PosterMass spectrometry of individual ferritin cores using size-selected gold clusters as mass standards in the electron microscope
LS2.6PosterThe effects of di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate and selenium on hepatic oxidant/antioxidant status in rat
LS2.6PosterHydroxy Urea attenuates Sildenaphil citrate(Viagra) induced heamolysis in vitro: Atomic Force Microscopic study
LS2.6PosterTitle, no initial capitals, single line spacing, leave one clear line of space after the title, max. 255 characters inc. spaces, (Arial, bold 14pt, centred)
LS2.6PosterExtracellular vesicle populations of different origin. Advantage and pitfall of their analysis by transmission electron microscopy
LS2.6PosterIn vitro biosynthesis of branched α-glucans and glycoparticles
LS2.6PosterHuman carotid body neuroglobin expression in heroin subjects
LS2.6PosterCCHM - a novel technique of digital holographic microscopy for in vitro study of cell behaviour
LS2.6PosterFRAP (fluorescence recovery after photobleaching) of large molecular weight drugs used in the treatment of retinal disease
LS2.6PosterRIMAPS analysis of fungal ascospore ornamentation
LS2.6PosterTreatment with green tea and glycine improves the organization of the extracellular matrix of inflamed tendon
LS2.6PosterMelatonin limited early atherosclerotic changes in ApoE null mice
LS2.6PosterEffect of Cyclosporin A treatment with Heteropterys aphrodisiaca on rat kidney
LS2.6PosterSelective internalisation of a novel recombinant human granzyme B by membrane Hsp70 positive tumour cells and its cytotoxic consequences: A novel therapeutic approach for cancer?
LS2.6PosterSub-cellular study on glutamine metabolism in cancer cells with high resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry and complementary microscopies
LS2.6PosterRIMAPS analysis of waviness and roughness images of rice leaves
LS2.6PosterExploring the uptake mechanisms of nanomedicines using CARS microscopy
LS2.6PosterLocalisation by high resolution SIMS of arsenic in root cells of Asian rice (Oryza Sativa) in response to changes in transporter gene expression
LS2.6PosterElectron microscopy characterization of Chroococcales (Cyanobacteria) from low light aerophytic environments
LS2.6PosterLR White sections as a support films for transmission electron microscopy; further applications
LS2.6PosterThe proof of S-layer proteins with p2-Symmetry in Acidithiobacillus - an electron microscopical survey
LS2.6PosterIs peroxidase/DAB/silver as good as gold?: advances in marker amplification

LS2.7 Correlative microscopy in life sciences
LS2.7InvitedZooming in on cellular architecture with cryo-correlative electron microscopy
LS2.7OralAnalysis of Vaccinia virus infection by cryo-X-ray nano-tomography
LS2.7OralCorrelative cryofluorescence and soft X-ray tomography of autophagy in whole, unstained mammalian cells
LS2.7OralCorrelative Light and Electron Microscopy of Neuronal Membrane Trafficking
LS2.7OralBiological Imaging at Diamond: The Cryo- Transmission Soft X-ray Microscopy Beamline
LS2.7OralSimultaneous light and electron microscopy
LS2.7OraliLEM, an integrated solution for correlative light and electron microscopy
LS2.7PosterLight and electron microscopy in investigation of glandular trichomes of Micromeria thymifolia (Scop.) Fritsch.
LS2.7PosterAssessing the predominant metabolic immunophenotype would help to predict prostate cancer aggressiveness
LS2.7PosterA correlative light and electron microscopy study on the up-take of a novel multi-modular botulinum toxin by neuronal cells.
LS2.7PosterTransport of high density lipoproteins through endothelial cells

For LS2.8, see LS1.7 for the revised combined session

PS1.1: Functional Materials
PS1.1InvitedThe 3D-World of Complex Polymer Systems
PS1.1InvitedStrain and polarization coupling in ferroelectric defect structures revealed by high-resolution HAADF-STEM
PS1.1InvitedThe Application of Lorentz TEM to the study of magnetic nanostructures
PS1.1OralOxygen excess, order/disorder and structural mechanisms in the multiferroïc LuFe2O4±δ
PS1.1OralSurface-plasmon coupling in metallic nanostructures
PS1.1OralOstwald ripening in nanoalloys: when thermodynamic drives a size-dependent particle composition
PS1.1OralNanooptical study of structural imperfections of lithographed plasmonic antennas
PS1.1OralNanostrain induced superconductivity improvement in YBa2Cu3O7 nanocomposite thin films
PS1.1OralAdvanced three dimensional characterization of functional nanomaterials.
PS1.1OralDirect visualization of the spatial distribution of functional groups in graphene oxide
PS1.1OralDirect evidence of Fe2+/Fe3+ charge order in the ferrimagnetic hematite-ilmenite Fe1.5Ti0.5O3-δ solid solution
PS1.1OralTransmission electron microscopy of Co:ZnO magnetic semiconductor layers
PS1.1OralApplications of Aberration-Corrected STEM and Atomically-Resolved EELS on the Study of High-Tc Superconductors in Epitaxial Films and Layered Heterostructures
PS1.1OralQuantitative analysis of an Yb3+-doped YAG optical ceramic at the atomic level by STEM-HAADF
PS1.1OralLorentz TEM investigation of the switching behavior in artificial spin ice building blocks
PS1.1OralElectron energy loss spectroscopy on coupled metamaterials
PS1.1OralSurface plasmon polariton mediated collective excitations of cavity resonances in gold sub-wavelength slit-arrays
PS1.1OralNanomorphology of fluorenyl hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene-based absorber layers of organic solar cells
PS1.1OralDomain wall structures and nucleation magnetic fields in FEBID Co nanowires studied by Lorentz Microscopy
PS1.1OralNanorod precipitates in doped bismuth ferrite - 3D atomic structure reconstruction and their effect on phase equilibria and properties
PS1.1OralThree-dimensional imaging of localized surface plasmon resonances of metal nanoparticles
PS1.1OralFull characterization of localized surface plasmons on a silver nanodisc
PS1.1OralAtomic structure of highly strained BiFeO3 thin films
PS1.1OralExperimental Observation of the Eshelby-Stroh Twist in Dislocations in GaN Imaged End-On
PS1.1OralHRTEM study of self-assembled superparamagnetic iron-silicide nanoislands
PS1.1OralEpitaxial MnFe2O4 and CoFe2O4 ultrathin films for spin-filtering applications
PS1.1OralProbing the electronic structure and magnetic properties of Fe-based superconductors parent compounds with EELS
PS1.1OralFocused ion beam in-situ lift out of nanowires for TEM analysis
PS1.1OralAtomic structure imaging of CoPt nanoparticles: effect of cooling rate on size-dependent atomic ordering
PS1.1PosterLocal oxygen-vacancy ordering and twinned octahedral tilting pattern in the Bi0.81Pb0.19Fe2.905 cubic perovskite
PS1.1PosterNon-conventional dendritic features in crystallised Fe79B13Si9 amorphous microstructure
PS1.1PosterOn the origin of cracks in the oxides and their influence on the oxidation behavior- case study of zirconium and its oxide
PS1.1PosterGeometric Phase Analysis of the lattice distortion in SrTiO3-x:Ny single crystal and defects produced by microwave NH3 plasma.
PS1.1PosterA recyclable supramolecular membrane for size-selective separation of inorganic and biological nanoparticles
PS1.1PosterIn situ mapping of helium desorption from individual nanobubbles under electron irradiation using spatially-resolved EELS
PS1.1PosterElectron microscopy characterisation of Fe/γ-Al2O3 catalysts
PS1.1PosterCarbon saturation of austenite during the novel quenching and partitioning (Q&P) heat-treatment of steel
PS1.1PosterRevealing the molecular assembly of metal organic frameworks through atomic force microscopy
PS1.1PosterTEM investigations of nanocrystalline AlySn1-yO2-y/2 (y = 0.57, 0.4) as battery materials
PS1.1PosterIn situ study of the morphological changes on the surface of a duplex stainless steel during different heat treatments in inert atmosphere by means of high temperature laser scanning confocal microscopy
PS1.1PosterTEM investigation of GaN thin films grown on nanostructured 3C-SiC/Si(001) substrates
PS1.1PosterNanoscale investigation of domain-wall pinning and its pinning site
PS1.1PosterSurface Plasmon Mapping of Dumbbell-Shaped Gold Nanorods: The effect of Silver Coating
PS1.1PosterSite-specific chirality in magnetic transitions
PS1.1PosterDirect observation of nano-chessboard super-lattices in A-site deficient Ca stabilized Nd2/3TiO3 perovskite by STEM-EELS
PS1.1PosterPhase transitions of self-organized FePt nanoparticles studied by TEM
PS1.1PosterNanometric hyperspectral imaging of surface plasmon modes in disordered metal films
PS1.1PosterTransmission Electron Microscopy of Bismuth Telluride
PS1.1PosterHRTEM investigation of GeMn nanocolumns embedded in Ge for spintronics applications
PS1.1PosterMultiferroic bismuth ferrite with a giant c/a ratio: an HR-STEM and HR‑EELS study
PS1.1PosterStructural fluctuations in giant c/a ratio epitaxial BiFeO3 thin films
PS1.1PosterMicrostructure and intergrowth of defects in coffin-shaped ZSM-5 zeolite crystals revealed by FIB-assisted HRTEM
PS1.1PosterUnderstanding the interfaces for the next generation of 3D nanoelectronics devices using STEM, EDS, EELS and precession
PS1.1PosterTEM study of bimetallic nanoparticles for optical and catalytic applications: comparison of different synthesis routes
PS1.1PosterInvestigation of Fe-doped SrTiO3 by electron microscopy
PS1.1PosterMicromagnetic investigation of domain walls in Spin-valves for enhanced spin-torque processes
PS1.1PosterApplication of atomic force microscopy to polyethylene terephthalate surface UV degradation
PS1.1PosterDefect distribution in InP epitaxially grown in nano-trenches on off-axis Si substrates
PS1.1PosterCharacterization of the 20nm x 20nm resistive element of resistive random access memory
PS1.1PosterSpectroscopic simulations of the B-K edge in Zr1-xTixB2
PS1.1PosterStructural characterization of LaB6-(TixZr1-x)B2 eutectics for ultra high temperature applications
PS1.1PosterProbing local luminescence of ZnO nanoparticles
PS1.1PosterCu(Mn) self-forming diffusion barriers for metal interconnects analysed by Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
PS1.1Poster(S)TEM-Investigations of GaN co-doped with iron
PS1.1PosterStructural properties of Bi2Te3 grown on Si (111)
PS1.1PosterElectron beam induced recrystallization in ion implanted SrTiO3 single crystals
PS1.1PosterAlGaN nanowires and annealed quantum dots for UV emission
PS1.1PosterNew hexagonal perovskite related phases studied by HREM
PS1.1PosterStructure of the skin-layer in asymmetric microporous membranes formed from poly(amide-imide)s
PS1.1PosterAccelerated decomposition of Y2O3-doped ZrO2 by dissolved Ni
PS1.1PosterCation diffusion and phase formation at Gd2O3/CeO2 interfaces
PS1.1PosterCharacterization of channel strain evolution of recessed source/drain Si1-xCx structures by nano beam diffraction
PS1.1PosterImaging critical dimensions in semiconductor devices: junctionless multigate transistors by 3D Electron Microscopy
PS1.1PosterLow-energy scanning transmission electron microscopy studies of P3HT:PCBM-based organic solar cell absorber layers
PS1.1PosterStrain measurement in uniaxially strained devices by dark-field electron holography
PS1.1PosterMicrostructural analysis of La1-xSrxMnO3-δ (LSM) based cathodes obtained by mechanochemical method at room temperature.
PS1.1PosterPolymer Matrix Composites with Nickel Nanoparticles for Electromagnetic Shielding Applications
PS1.1PosterCross-Section STEM Study of Bonding Concepts for Solar Cells
PS1.1PosterTowards an understanding of the three-dimensional nanoscale morphology of organic photovoltaic blends
PS1.1PosterAnalyzing polarization and lattice strains at the interface of ferroelectric heterostructures on atomic scale using Cs-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM)
PS1.1PosterElectron Microscopy Observations on the Microstructural Evolution of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Materials
PS1.1PosterStrain mapping of tensile strained transistors by dark-field off-axis electron holography
PS1.1PosterCharacterization of wurtzite ZnO using valence electron energy loss spectroscopy
PS1.1Poster(001) textured CoFe2O4 thin films grown on buffered MgAl2O4 and SrTiO3 substrates
PS1.1PosterHRTEM study of structure and defects in Niobium (V) oxide nanorods for humidity sensing applications
PS1.1PosterMicrostructural characterization of white-luminescent mesoporous carbon-silica nanocomposite
PS1.1PosterNew room temperature phase of Mn observed in phase separated InMnSb films for spintronics by analytical aberration corrected (scanning) transmission electron microscopy
PS1.1PosterStructural modulation in Sb4V3[]O16 by TEM
PS1.1PosterNucleated crystallization in PP/TiX nanocomposites and its impact on structure and properties
PS1.1PosterPrecipitation of complex nanoparticles during hot rolling of a low carbon Ti-Nb microalloyed steel
PS1.1PosterIn-situ structure dynamics of amorphous to crystalline transition of CoP-CoNiP films
PS1.1PosterTomographic investigation of CNT orientation in melt-spun fibers
PS1.1PosterSurface-plasmon modes and mode degeneracy in a triangular system
PS1.1PosterQuantitative HAADF STEM analyses of layer dimension and interface roughness of multilayer coatings with ultrathin layers
PS1.1PosterAberration-corrected STEM of Sn-Pd nanoparticles with core-shell structures
PS1.1PosterMagnetization suppression in multiferroic PbZr0.2Ti0.8O3 / La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 bilayers measured by electron holography
PS1.1PosterSub-surface analysis of retrieved alumina hip prostheses using FIB microscopy
PS1.1PosterTowards a quantitative analysis of internal electric fields in GaN/GaInN quantum wells by spatially resolved differential phase contrast microscopy
PS1.1PosterStrain Behaviors of Epitaxial Si1-xCx Films on Silicon during Dry Oxidation
PS1.1PosterEELS investigation of quantum confinement in Si nanostructures
PS1.1PosterInterfaces and contacts in natural composite materials
PS1.1PosterAccessing extinction and emission properties of gold nanoprisms at the nanometer scale
PS1.1PosterInterfacial strength and mechanisms of failure in porcelain veneer-zirconia core dental restorations
PS1.1PosterBuilt-in potentials in GaN p-n junctions measured by electron holography
PS1.1Poster(HR)TEM-Investigations of GaN/Sc2O3/Y2O3/Si(111) Heterostructure
PS1.1PosterHRTEM Study of theTi5Al2C3 MAX Phase
PS1.1PosterThe encapsulation potential in PTM derivatives by confocal microscopy
PS1.1PosterImaging polarization in BaTiO3 with aberration corrected instruments - Is it possible?
PS1.1PosterPorosity determination of 0.3 mol% Al2O3-added ZnO ceramics by digital image analysis method
PS1.1PosterFerroelectric domain morphology and the symmetry in Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O3-Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 ceramics
PS1.1PosterPlasma solitons during the electron diffraction (60 keV) at BaTiO3- single crystals

PS1.2: Thin films, Coatings and Interfaces
PS1.2InvitedPushing EELS to the limits; Probing bonding and electronic structure at atomic resolution in low dimensional oxide structures
PS1.2InvitedCharacterisation of γ - γ’ interfaces in Ni-based superalloys by STEM-HAADF and high spatial resolution EDX mapping
PS1.2OralStructure determination of in-situ deposited SiNx nano-mask in GaN (0001) films by transmission electron microscopy
PS1.2Oral(S)TEM analysis of structural modifications at nano-sized Au||ceria-oxide interfaces
PS1.2OralPolarity-driven nickel oxide precipitation in nickelate superlattices
PS1.2OralQuantitative HAADF-studies of GaP/Si-interfaces
PS1.2Oral(HR)TEM study of the interface region between semi-polar GaN and m-plane sapphire
PS1.2OralComposition and strain analysis of group-III nitrides by electron energy loss spectroscopy
PS1.2OralNCs Self-Assembly Mechanisms Revisited Using Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy
PS1.2OralDirect identification of antiphase boundaries in GaSb grown on Si with scanning transmission electron microscopy
PS1.2OralRuddlesden-Popper type faults in LaNiO3/LaAlO3 superlattices
PS1.2OralEvaluating the defects in CrN film using quantitative CS-corrected HRTEM and EELS analysis
PS1.2OralEpitaxy and graphoepitaxy of oxide heterostructures on step edges
PS1.2OralPolar oxide NiO(111)/MgO(111) interface study by aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy
PS1.2PosterTEM-investigation of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces made by sputter deposition
PS1.2PosterSize-dependent atomic structures of Au nanoclusters on MgO(001)
PS1.2PosterTEM studies of plasmonic dye-sensitized solar cell photoanodes
PS1.2PosterNanostructure of ZnO, Ga:ZnO and Al:ZnO films on silicon
PS1.2PosterComposition analysis of InGaN quantum wells by STEM-HAADF
PS1.2PosterElectron beam induced crystallization of Me-Si-C (Me=Ti,Nb,Zr) thin films
PS1.2PosterAtomic resolved EELS analysis across interfaces in III-V MOSFET high-k dielectric gate stacks
PS1.2PosterLayer by layer hybrid graphene oxide polyelectrolyte multilayers nanocomposite
PS1.2PosterStructure characterization of SiO2 and TiO2 nano-coated paperboard
PS1.2PosterSamaria-doped ceria and yttria stabilized zirconia interface structure and composition under different sintering conditions
PS1.2PosterQuantitative strain analysis of BaTiO3 epitaxial thin films using Cs-TEM and STEM-EELS
PS1.2PosterTEM study of annealed γ-Al2O3-coatings for cutting tools and of γ-Al2O3-coated cutting tools after the use in cutting tests
PS1.2PosterHR-TEM characterization of electrodeposited conducting polymers on carbon nanotubes
PS1.2PosterContinuum roughness measurements of a TiN coating during dynamic in-situ wear inside a transmission electron microscope
PS1.2PosterPulsed laser crystallization of SiGe amorphous thin films obtained by magnetron sputtering
PS1.2PosterEvaluating Bi distribution within GaAsBi epilayers
PS1.2PosterCompositional characterization of SiC-SiO2 interfaces in MOSFETs
PS1.2PosterCharacterization of the Microstructure in a Nanoscale Mg/(Al,Ti) Multilayer System
PS1.2PosterOn the origin of basal stacking faults in nonpolar wurzite films epitaxially-grown on sapphire substrates
PS1.2PosterMetal-Polymer Inter-mixing in Adhesion Layers for Flexible Electronics
PS1.2PosterMicroscopic evaluation of transparent solution-processed silver nanowire electrodes
PS1.2PosterThermal stability of metal nitride multilayer coatings; investigations using EELS and aberration corrected STEM
PS1.2PosterAdvanced TEM investigations of the oxidation mechanisms occuring in 316L alloys in PWR environment
PS1.2PosterA nanoscale characterization with electron microscopies techniques of CrAlYN coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering: a singular nanostructure.
PS1.2PosterStrain and composition observations at the interfaces of iron rhodium epilayers
PS1.2PosterStudy of the thermal dependence of the nanocomposite TiC/a-C:H coatings structure using TEM and SEM
PS1.2PosterGrowth of spherical or flat CdS shells on CdSe nanocrystals: Characterization by TEM and CryoTEM.
PS1.2PosterIn situ transformations of Au-Ag nanoalloys during oxido reduction cycles
PS1.2PosterPractical aspects of strain measurement in thin layers by dark-field electron holography
PS1.2PosterTEM investigations at coatings on hard materials
PS1.2PosterDevelopment of phases and morphology in DC sputtered Cu-Mn alloy thin films at temperatures below 600ºC.
PS1.2PosterNanostructure of sputtered Cu-Mn alloy films
PS1.2PosterMicrostructure of the self-lubricating nanocomposite MoS2(Ti,W) coatings on oxygen hardened Ti-6Al-4V alloy
PS1.2PosterMicrostructural characterization of multilayered perovskite coatings for artificial multiferroics
PS1.2PosterTEM characterization of CrN thin films epitaxially grown on MgO (001)
PS1.2PosterTEM analysis of asymmetric V-shaped depressions in semipolar InGaN
PS1.2PosterInterdiffusion at the Al/SiO2 interface in Al/AlOx/Al Josephson junctions
PS1.2PosterStructural analysis of intergranular boundaries in nonpolar and semipolar III-Nitride heteroepitaxy
PS1.2PosterMicrostructural Features of CVD Diamond Coatings on WC-Co - a TEM study
PS1.2PosterStructural analysis of catalyst-free growth of GaN nanowires on Al2O3 substrates
PS1.2PosterDefect analysis in BaHfO3 doped thin superconducting REBa2Cu3Ox (RE = Y, Gd) films
PS1.2PosterTEM, SEM and AES studies of intergranular and intragranular impurities segregations in reactor pressure vessel steels after long term operation
PS1.2PosterChemical analysis of InxGa1-xNyAs1-y quantum wells using HAADF STEM
PS1.2PosterThe interaction between adhesion layer and bottom electrode during BaxSr1-xTiO3 growth as a limiting factor for device performance
PS1.2PosterTEM study of post-oxidised Fe films
PS1.2PosterElectron and scanning probe microscopy characterization of Cu-Al-Ni shape memory alloys thin films
PS1.2PosterTEM-study of crystalline structure peculiarities of Cd1-XHgXTe heterostructures, grown by MBE on Si(301)
PS1.2PosterStudies on interface structures in multiferroic materials
PS1.2PosterMicrostructure evolution study of Cr2AlC coatings at temperature of 1320 °C for variable oxidation times
PS1.2PosterStructural and EMCD analysis of Fe/V multilayers
PS1.2PosterAtomic-Scale Imaging and Identification of Rare-Earth Dopants in SiAlON Interfaces
PS1.2PosterElectron energy loss near edge structure (ELNES) of InxAl1-xN alloys
PS1.2PosterHRSTEM imaging of implantation defects in SiC
PS1.2PosterStrain and defects induced by chemical gradients in CIGSSe absorber
PS1.2PosterHigh resolution STEM and TEM study of Si/Ge, InGaAs/InAlAs and AlN/AlGaN heterostructures
PS1.2PosterOn the structure of crystalline Au nanoparticles formed on SiO2/(100) Si substrates
PS1.2PosterAberration corrected HAADF-STEM of an unexpected ultrasmall ErSi nanowire precursor phase
PS1.2PosterHRTEM and GPA analyses of embedded Pb nanoparticles
PS1.2PosterTEM studies of thermally induced decomposition of Cu-33.5 at.% Ta thin film alloys
PS1.2PosterEM of Si - C matrix based Ta containing nanocomposites.

PS1.3: Art, Heritage and Forensics
PS1.3InvitedNanostructure and phase imaging of ancient ceramics using full field hard x-ray microscopy.
PS1.3InvitedA question of scale: microscopy and the characterization of objects from the cultural and industrial heritage
PS1.3OralLaser scanning confocal microscopy: application to stone tool function (and other archaeological problems)
PS1.3OralMicrostructures of cast silver-copper alloy archaeological artefacts
PS1.3OralDegradation process of lead chromate in paintings by Vincent van Gogh studied by STEM-EELS
PS1.3OralSEM and TEM Analyses of Blue Dyestuff of Printed Cotton Fabrics Called Chintz Imported into Japan from Europe in the 18th to 19th Century
PS1.3PosterMicroscopy techniques applied to the study of painted artworks (canvas, sculptures, triptych) restored after the Abruzzo Region earthquake
PS1.3PosterMicroanalytical characterization by TEM of art pigments: azurite comparative study from historic sites of Spain. Geomining Museum collection (IGME).
PS1.3PosterThe combination of FTIR and X-ray microscopes for the analysis ofartistic materials at the ID21 beamline, European Synchrotron RadiationFacility
PS1.3PosterSilver degradation in historical photographs: a TEM case study
PS1.3PosterThe examination of van Gogh’s double painting grounds using quantitative sem/edx
PS1.3PosterTEM investigation of the fine scale microstructure of an Al-alloy from a WW2 USA bomber (A26 Invader airplane)
PS1.3PosterIdentification of crystals formed in high lead glaze medieval Ottoman potteries by using microscopy techniques
PS1.4: Advanced Materials
PS1.4InvitedMicrostructural development in manganese cobaltite coatings on metallic interconnects for solid oxide fuel cells
PS1.4InvitedAtomic Resolution Microscopy of Advanced Materials for Thermoelectric Applications
PS1.4InvitedMicroscopic studies of surface layers and interfaces in advanced nanoparticle systems for applications in electronics and photonics
PS1.4InvitedCharacterization of Nanometals
PS1.4OralHairpin-like defects in perovskite-based structures with crystallographic shear planes
PS1.4OralSelf-assembled GaN nanowires nucleated on diamond substrate: direct polarity measurements, epitaxy and luminescence properties
PS1.4OralHAADF STEM investigation of precipitates in an Al-Mg-Si-Ge-Cu alloy
PS1.4OralTEM study of the structural evolution of ionic solids from amorphous to polycrystalline phases in the case of alkali difluoride systems
PS1.4OralFreely suspended membranes from epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide
PS1.4OralEELS, HAADF and TEM studies of carbon segregation in a TiB2-Fe composite
PS1.4OralAtomic mechanisms of phase transformations for two-dimensional precipitates in aluminium
PS1.4OralOn the structural origin of the catalytic properties of inherently strained ultrafine decahedral gold nanoparticles
PS1.4OralEELS-HAADF combination for characterization of a new AlN/GaN DBRs growth method.
PS1.4OralTowards generalized formation mechanism of hollow nanospheres as nanocontainers for gas produced by pulsed-laser ablation into an ambient nitrogen
PS1.4OralMicrostructure evolution and age-hardening of hexagonal α' martensite in Ti-12mass%V-2mass%Al alloys on annealing
PS1.4OralStructural and chemical transformation of CdSe/Au and CdS/Au heteronanocrystals by means of in situ heating and irradiation
PS1.4OralIntermetallic phases formation in solid Fe – liquid Al diffusive system
PS1.4OralSubwavelength optical properties of individual color in diamond nanoparticles measured by hyperspectral cathodoluminescence
PS1.4OralNew nano-architectures of mesoporous silica spheres analyzed by advanced electron microscopy
PS1.4OralEM study of the effect of Nb on the large hysteresis of Ni-Ti-Nb shape memory alloys
PS1.4PosterThe original structure of a novel oxycarbonate Bi16Sr42Cu3(CO3)2O86: synthesis and structural characterization by combined XRD, SAED, HREM and HAADF/STEM studies
PS1.4PosterGrowth mechanisms of colloid TiO2 nanoparticles
PS1.4PosterCombined TEM and atomic Probe analyses to tune new layered thermoelectric oxides
PS1.4PosterPorous silicon and Ni-nanostructures - a very versatile, but still poorly characterized material
PS1.4PosterUHRTEM investigation of L10-order in epitaxially-grown Au-Pd nanoparticles with near equiatomic stoichiometry
PS1.4PosterEffect of deposition rate on the formation of growth twins in Pd thin films
PS1.4PosterEFTEM studies on the localization of silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 for nano-devices
PS1.4PosterScanning transmission electron microscopy with Cs corrector in the characterization of Pt-Ir catalysts
PS1.4PosterTEM investigation of gold nanoparticles synthesized by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
PS1.4PosterStructural and morphological changes in I2 II IV VI4 adamantines for thermoelectric applications
PS1.4PosterAtomic Structure of Ultra-Long Carbon Nanotubes
PS1.4PosterCharacterization of failure initiation in DP600 steel by combined in-situ bending test and EBSD measurements
PS1.4PosterTEM studies on pressureless Al melt infiltrated B4C-Al2O3 ceramic-metal composites
PS1.4PosterCarbon nanostructures produced by chlorination reaction of Cr(C5H5)2and Ni(C5H5)2
PS1.4PosterElectron microscopy imaging of carbon nanotube multilayersequential growth on alumina micro-beads
PS1.4PosterThe SEM study of crack nucleation and propagation path in alloyed ADI materials
PS1.4PosterMX precipitation distributions in carbon depleted regions of dissimilar metal, ferritic, creep resistant steel, welds
PS1.4PosterTEM study of FeO@ Fe3-xO4 and Fe3-xO4@CoO core-shell nanoparticles
PS1.4PosterAn Overview Of The Application Of Microscopy Techniques For The Production Of Laser Plasma Physics Targets At AWE.
PS1.4PosterReal-space imaging approach to determine sub-unit-cell 3D density information in the complex metallic alloy Al4(Cr,Fe)
PS1.4PosterTEM characterization of highly active and stable PEM fuel cell nanoparticle catalysts
PS1.4PosterTransmission electron microscopic characterization of (ZnMg)O before and after annealing
PS1.4PosterInterstitial Ordering in Nb-1Zr-0.1C alloy
PS1.4PosterEffect of free volume and medium range order on the deformation behaviour of rapidly solidified and bulk Zr based metallic glass
PS1.4PosterHREM study of the diamond-lonsdaleite system
PS1.4PosterTransmission electron microscopy of nanoscopic particulates formed in an oxide dispersion strengthened steel produced by selective laser melting
PS1.4PosterCharacterisation of surface and sub-surface atomic transformations in magnesium aluminum oxide spinel
PS1.4PosterMicrostructure evolution and grain refinement processes in the intermetallic TiAl-Mo alloy system
PS1.4PosterHeterogeneous nucleation of graphite in carbon steel
PS1.4PosterDFT study of stoichiometric TiO2 rutile surface structures and energies in water using conductor-like screening model
PS1.4PosterEffect of InxGa1-xAs/InyAl1-yAs superlattices inserted into InyAl1-yAs metamorphic buffers on the surface and structure of HEMTs grown on GaAs substrates
PS1.4PosterMicrostructure of Cu-Co alloy after severe plastic deformation studied by electron backscatter diffraction
PS1.4PosterAn investigation into the microstructure of Inconel 718 after machining
PS1.4PosterStructural properties of Ag/Cu/O based nanocomposites obtained by pulsed laser ablation in water
PS1.4PosterInsights into the structure of MoS2/WS2 nanomaterials as revealed by aberration corrected STEM
PS1.4PosterQuaternary Cu-In-Zn-S nanocrystals formation via partial cation exchange of roquesite nanocrystals
PS1.4PosterThe defect landscape and self-ordering mechanism of solid lubricant coatings exhibiting superlubricity
PS1.4PosterTransmission electron microscopy of annealed titanate nanotubes for catalytic applications
PS1.4PosterFormation of core shell structure under air exposure in metallic nanoparticles
PS1.4PosterEvolution of the microstructure of Ti0.8Ta0.2C0.5-N0.5Co composite material developed by a one or two steps MSR process
PS1.4PosterElectron Microscopy Characterization of Me-Decorated CNTs/CNFs for Catalytic Systems
PS1.4PosterThermal stability of multilayer Al99.99/AlMg3 composite sheets prepared by accumulative roll bonding
PS1.4PosterNanoscale chemical and structural study of Co- based FEBID structures by STEM-EELS and HRTEM
PS1.4PosterStructure determination of a complex intergrown zeolite, ITQ-39, utilising rotation electron diffraction and structure projection reconstruction
PS1.4PosterPhase imaging in pearlitic steel nanostructured by warm severe plastic deformation
PS1.4PosterNanostructural characterization and luminescent properties of Ti1-xMxO2 (M=V, Cr and Mn) rutile solid solutions
PS1.4PosterScanning Thermal Microscopy Probe Measurements To Characterize The Localized Thermophysical And Thermomechanical Properties Of Polymeric Materials
PS1.4PosterTextural analysis of B7 phase of four-ring achiral unsymmetrical Bent-core molecules
PS1.4PosterTEM Analysis of FIB Prepared Samples from Crept SiAlON Ceramics
PS1.4PosterHigh resolution transmission electron microscopy investigation of implantation damage in carbon implanted and annealed diamond
PS1.4PosterMicrostructural aspects of transition metal oxide p-type doping of organic semiconductors
PS1.4PosterStructural properties of iron disilicide nanocrystals from the gas phase investigated by advanced electron microscopy
PS1.4PosterInfluence of the polypeptide c25-mms6 on the Cobalt Ferrite nanoparticle formation analysed by TEM and EELS
PS1.4PosterInfluence of the stable phases on the martensitic transformation in Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Alloys
PS1.4PosterInvestigation of a silicon nitride/ferrite gradient composite for lightweight structure applications
PS1.4PosterSolute solubility in nanocrystalline restricted-equilibrium Cu-Ag alloys and its relation to lattice imperfections
PS1.4PosterTEM characterization of tiox porous nanoparticles generated by laser ablation in liquids
PS1.4PosterSlip trace analysis in a nickel-base superalloy
PS1.4PosterThe Ba-Fe-O2 System Revisited: the Crystal Structure of BaFeCl0.25O2.4
PS1.4PosterCombination of atomic force microscopy and computed micro-tomography for the characterization of heterophase polymers morphology
PS1.4PosterSurface Morphology Investigation of Oxide Feature Grown on Stainless Steels
PS1.4PosterDirect observations of atomic arrangements of a decagonal Al-Ni-Co quasicrystal with HAADF- and ABF- images by a Cs-corrected STEM
PS1.4PosterElectron Microscopy Study of Metal-Organic Framework Materials
PS1.4PosterMicrostructural characterization of dislocations in the high temperature phase (b3) of CuAlNi shape memory alloys
PS1.4PosterTEM investigation on alpha-damaged (Ux,Pux-1)O2: Mechanisms of grain subdivision in the fuel matrix.
PS1.4PosterTEM characterization of boron influence on the microstructure in 8-10% Cr martensitic steels
PS1.4Poster3D characterization of novel, worm-like SnS2 nano-structures and the relation of particle morphology to performance as lithium intercalation material
PS1.4PosterRole of lithium in the formation of He bubbles in boron-alloyed steel after neutron irradiation
PS1.4PosterMolecular arrangement of cyanine dye J-aggregate microcrystals studied by spectrometric full-colour cathodolumnescence microscopy
PS1.4PosterGrowth of ZnO varistors controlled by Bi2O3 studied by noise-reduced spectrometric full-colour cathodoluminescence microscopy
PS1.4PosterEx-situ and in-situ TEM analysis of the nanocrystallization of NiTi shape memory alloys made amorphous by repeated cold rolling
PS1.4PosterScale-bridging microscopy to reveal the microstructure of martensite-ferrite interfaces in a DP steel
PS1.4PosterEELS fine structure analysis of phases formed by LiNiCoO4 battery cathode material on heat treatment
PS1.4PosterNucleated crystallization in PE, PP and POM nanocomposites
PS1.4PosterIn-situ high resolution TEM study of CdSe nanorod sublimation
PS1.4PosterIsothermal transformation of austenite to bainite in an eutectoid steels A.Z.Mohamed, M.H.Abdalah, A.A.ibrahim Department of physics, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt

PS1.5: Healthcare 1
PS1.5InvitedNanominerals of the gastrointestinal tract: form & function revealed through microscopy & microanalysis
PS1.5InvitedFIB-Nanotomography for bio-medical applications:high-resolution analysis of cells and tissues
PS1.5InvitedApplications of transmission electron microscopy to the analysis of pharmaceutical materials.
PS1.5InvitedBiodegradation of engineered nanostructures
PS1.5InvitedNanoscale atomic force microscopy analysis supporting the development of medicines
PS1.5InvitedCryoTEM in materials science: Studying biomimetic mineralization
PS1.5OralBiodegradation of iron oxide nanoparticles in the organism
PS1.5OralSTEM-cathodoluminescence simultaneous imaging of fluorescent diamond nanocrystals uptake by cells in culture
PS1.5OralFoliar transfer of TiO2 and Ag nanoparticles in lettuce
PS1.5OralThe ID21 beamline at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility: an excellent tool for mapping and speciation of nanoparticles in biological samples.
PS1.5OralImaging of nanoparticles in cells with backscattered electrons in a scanning electron microscope
PS1.5OralTEM quantification of quantum dot dispersion in cell growth media and in vitro cellular uptake
PS1.5OralMeasuring the dispersion of ZnO nanoparticles in solutions for cell viability assays.
PS1.5Oralaggregation increases uptake and cytotoxicity of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles: methods to directly visualize aggregation status in solution and particle load, at the cell interface and within cells
PS1.5OralHigh resolution transmission electron microscopy study of a nanocrystalline layer on the surface of biomedical CoCrMo
PS1.5OralDevelopment and application of novel imaging methodologies to the study of the cellular uptake of manufactured nanoparticles
PS1.5PosterSTEM analysis of hydrosols of Fe/Fe-oxide core-shell structures for magnetic nanoparticles hyperthermia treatment of tumours
PS1.5PosterElectron microscopy contribution in the comprehension of interactions mechanisms between radiosensitizing nanoparticles and cancerous cells
PS1.5PosterUltrastructure of nanoparticles made of amphiphilic cyclodextrins for nanomedicine applications
PS1.5PosterPossibilities with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy in life science
PS1.5PosterCharacterization of liposomes using negative staining and freeze fracture transmission electron microscopy
PS1.5PosterBiolocalization and biotransformation of iron oxide core nanoparticles used as contrast agents for MRI of atherosclerosis
PS1.5PosterReverse engineering pharmaceutical tablets by SEM-EDX and Raman microscopy
PS1.5PosterSynthesis and characterization of Cobalt Chromium nanoparticles by mechanochemical milling route
PS1.5PosterChemical composition analysis from picogram quantities of organic materials
PS1.5PosterContribution of Electron Microscopy in bio-diagnosis: Detailed characterization of ferritins by STEM-HAADF and STEM-EELS.
PS1.5PosterThree-dimensional reconstruction of the morphological changes of the post-extraction sites using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM).
PS1.5PosterHuman primary osteoblast self-organisation and ultrastructural response to hydroxyapatite nanoparticles of different shapes
PS1.5PosterThe Characterization of Nocodazole Loading Solid Lipid Nanoparticles
PS1.5PosterDevelopment of an Advanced In-Vitro Model Taking the Physiology and Anatomy of the Buccal Mucosa into Consideration
PS1.5PosterNanotoxicology of nano-carbon materials by intratracheal instillation in rat lung
PS1.5PosterAccurate analysis of particle morphology in wear debris generated by metal on metal hip replacements
PS1.5PosterMagnetic field induced chaining of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications
PS1.5PosterSynthesis and characterization of mesoporous silica nanoparticles towards delivery of chemotherapeutics
PS1.5PosterSub-surface analysis of degraded zirconia ceramics using FIB-SEM
PS1.5PosterElectron energy loss spectroscopy of a retrieved alumina femoral head
PS1.5PosterNanoparticles in Food Supplements – a fast and reliable method based on an international standard
PS1.5PosterConfirmation of the sites of localisation of MRI contrast agents using electron probe X-ray microanalysis

PS1.6: Healthcare 2
PS1.6InvitedUse of electron-probe X-ray microanalysis in the study of the viability of cells to be used for tissue engineerig
PS1.6InvitedProspects for imaging "live" biological structures with high spatial and temporal resolution in the DTEM
PS1.6OralElectron microscopy analysis of calcium phosphate nanoparticle containing hydrogels for bone regeneration
PS1.6OralIllustrations of analytical STEM potentialities for biomaterials and cells analysis
PS1.6OralMatrix-mediated biomineralisation: Characterising the structural and chemical properties of a complex biomineral at the nanoscaleMatrix-mediatedbiomineralisation: Characterising the structural and chemical properties of acomplex biomineral at the nanoscale
PS1.6OralCorrelating microstructure and nanochemistry of human dental tissues
PS1.6OralStudy of the human tooth using a CS-corrected TEM
PS1.6OralElectron microscopy studies on the precipitation of calcium carbonate with and without confinement
PS1.6PosterApplications of second harmonic generation imaging microscopy in cardiovascular research
PS1.6PosterImaging and microanalysis of iron biominerals
PS1.6PosterMicrostructural investigation of juvenile and adult skeletons from reef building corals
PS1.6PosterCharacterisation of bacterial/yeast biofilms by scanning electron microscopy
PS1.6PosterStructural characterization of mesoporous titania containing silver nanoparticle inclusions for antibacterial implant applications

PS1.7: Nanomechanics
PS1.7InvitedRevealing deformation mechanisms in nanoscale metals
PS1.7InvitedContributions of the nanometre and micrometre sized carbonated apatite structures of human dentine to whole-tooth function
PS1.7Oral3D nanomechanical imaging of layered nanocomposite structures
PS1.7OralStructural deformation caused by a single screw dislocation in InP semiconductor nanowires
PS1.7OralStrain mapping of triple and quadruple junctions in deformed nanocrystalline Palladium
PS1.7OralAFM static and dynamic nanoindentation on human skin: Effect of scarring
PS1.7PosterSecond Harmonic Generation Imaging Microscopy: analysis of the variable assembly of ageing collagen fibers and their role in mechanical behaviour
PS1.7PosterDeformation behavior of miniaturized copper bicrystals
PS1.7PosterYoung Modulus and Elastic Properties of Single-Walled Boron Nitride Nanotubes Probed by In-situ TEM
PS1.7PosterMicromechanical testing of oxidized grain boundaries: Understanding stress corrosion cracking mechanisms
PS1.7PosterCombined AFM-SEM testing for mechanical property determination of graphene oxide paper
PS1.7PosterDetermining the mechanical properties of deposited materials using a crystalline Silicon substrate as a "sensor"
PS1.7PosterFollowing deformation mechanisms in nanocrystalline Ni using in situ Synchrotron techniques and Automated Crystal Orientation and phase Mapping (ACOM)
PS1.7PosterTEM in-situ nanocompression experiments on nano-structured ceramics
PS1.7PosterInfluence of ultrasound exposure on cell-mechanical properties: A preliminary study on MCF7 human breast cancer cells
PS1.7PosterAdvanced TEM investigation of the plasticity mechanisms in nanocrystalline freestanding palladium films with nanoscale twins
PS1.7PosterCharacterizing the localized phase transformation near cracks in clinically used dental zirconia by nanoindentation
PS1.7PosterGlobal and local grain analysis during in-situ straining by TEM Automated Crystal Orientation and phase Mapping (ACOM) (EBSD-like TEM)
PS1.7PosterTEM investigation of fracture damage of nanoindented sapphire
PS1.7PosterInvestigation on annihilation of fine precipitates and softening in friction stir welded nuggets in Al-Mg-Si alloy using weak beam technique and HREM method

PS1.8: Towards Sustainable Energy and Environmental Protection
PS1.8InvitedDynamic atomic scale solutions towards a sustainable future:insights into biomass and biofuel dynamics using double aberration corrected in-situ E(S)TEM at the Angstrom level
PS1.8InvitedIn Situ Analytical Electron Microscopy for Probing Electrochemistry at NanoScale
PS1.8InvitedAberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy studies of heterogeneous catalysts
PS1.8InvitedAtomic-scale imaging of heterogeneous catalysts
PS1.8OralElectron microscopy for nano-engineering of Si-based thin-film photovoltaics
PS1.8OralEELS determination of Li distribution and Fe valence mapping in lithiated FeOF/C nanocomposite electrode materials
PS1.8OralInterplay of composition, microstructure and performance in Ce-Zr mixed oxide nanopowders for solid oxide fuel cell anode materials
PS1.8OralCompositional distribution of bimetallic nanocatalysts at atomic scale
PS1.8OralStructural investigations on gas-separation membrane materials by transmission electron microscopy
PS1.8OralThree dimensional studies of hybrid solar cells combining HAADF-STEM electron tomography and 3D FIB
PS1.8OralPhase mapping of nanopowders for Li-ions batteries
PS1.8OralElectron microscopic characterization of Li-O2 batteries: Clean, green electrochemical energy storage
PS1.8OralHAADF and STEM EELS studies of a New Generation of Materials for Ni-MH Batteries
PS1.8OralAlloy segregation in bimetallic Pt-Pd nanoparticles in a diesel oxidation catalyst using aberration corrected (S)TEM and nanobeam diffraction
PS1.8OralNanostructural characterization of a Co/Ce(La) coated honeycomb monolith catalyst using SEM, TEM, and FIB
PS1.8OralIn situ environmental transmission electron microscopy investigation of core-shell supported co-catalyst system for optimized visible-light water splitting
PS1.8OralUsing cathodoluminescence to investigate the electrical properties of grain boundaries in CdTe/CdS solar cell devices
PS1.8OralElectron holography of solar cells
PS1.8OralCr poisoning and other degradation effects in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell cathodes analysed by Electron Microscopy
PS1.8OralDynamics and white light emission from CdSe nanocrystals
PS1.8PosterElectron microscopy study of surface-functionalized Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-δ membranes for oxygen separation
PS1.8PosterAberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy applied to catalysts; atomic resolution images of zeolites
PS1.8PosterInvestigation of three-dimensional morphology of heteroaggregates by BF and EFTEM electron tomography
PS1.8PosterThe Co-Ru-B series as catalysts for hydrogen generation: new insights into their structural complexities and the formation of CoRu nanoalloys.
PS1.8PosterHemp-Lime Biocomposites: Influence of Hemp on the Properties of Hemp-Lime Biocomposite with Pozzolans
PS1.8PosterCharacterisation of nanocrystalline Ce0.75Zr0.25-yLayO2-δ solid solutions by electron microscopy and X-ray analysis
PS1.8PosterPt-Co nanocatalyst degradation after fuel cell operation studied by EELS elemental mapping
PS1.8PosterMicrostructural investigation of BSCF oxygen transport membrane material after high temperature exposure
PS1.8PosterCharacterization of nc-Si / SiOx based quantum superstructures for the solar cell application by aberration-corrected high resolution electron microscopy
PS1.8PosterCombined HRTEM-EELS study of copper oxide nanocrystals employed in lithium-ion battery electrodes
PS1.8PosterIn-situ study of a Au/Ce0.50Zr0.38Tb0.12O2 catalyst by Aberration Corrected Transmission Electron Microscopy: Evaluation of gold nanoparticle size and morphology stability
PS1.8PosterModified method for preparation macroporous photocatalyst materials and characterization
PS1.8PosterCharacterization of the filler and binder components in a nuclear graphite using TEM and Raman Spectroscopy
PS1.8PosterCrack-tip microscopy: Taking a "different" view of materials for nuclear power applications
PS1.8Poster(S)TEM characterization of ceria and lanthanide-modified ceria nanocubes model catalysts
PS1.8PosterNovel Approach for the preparation of metal nanoparticles supported on polyamide-6: TEM and HREM characterization
PS1.8PosterTEM investigation of ultra-high purity tungsten for fusion application
PS1.8PosterTracing Air Polluter: Single particle analysis with scanning electron microscopy and EDX
PS1.8PosterTEM investigation of the growth of CuInS2 nanospheres
PS1.8PosterNanostructures of thermoelectric Ge/Sb/Te materials and the effects of Se, In and Sn substitution
PS1.8PosterElectron microscopy study of (Ba0.5Sr0.5)(Co0.8Fe0.2)0.97X0.03O3-δ (X = Zr, Y, Sc)
PS1.8PosterEELS and NEXAFS studies of LiFePO4 battery materials
PS1.8PosterPredicting activity and selectivity of hydrogenation catalysts by SEM/EDS
PS1.8PosterLocal chemical bonding state of Al in AlH3 analyzed by Al-L2,3 ELNES and first principles calculation
PS1.8PosterSuccessive reduction and oxidation and thermal stability of nanocrystalline Ce1-xNMxO2-y (NM = Pd, Rh) mixed oxides.

PS1.9: Earth and planetary materials
PS1.9InvitedThe diverse applications of electron microscopy in the analysis of palaeontological materials: how novel investigative techniques have informed the research agenda.
PS1.9InvitedUncovering the mineralogy of Comet 81P/Wild 2 using electron and ion microscopies
PS1.9OralMicrostructure and texture of enstatite-spinel-plagioclase symplectites: EBSD analyses of (ultra)fine-grained multi-phase aggregates
PS1.9OralMicrostructure investigations of iron meteorites by EBSD and EDS analyses
PS1.9OralAberration-corrected SuperSTEM analysis of isotopically anomalous carbonaceous hotspots in primitive extraterrestrial samples
PS1.9OralCombined SEM techniques as a tool to identify and characterise planar deformation features in shocked quartz
PS1.9PosterSmall instrument - big results - the application of the Linkam TS1400XY heating stage to melt inclusion studies
PS1.9PosterIn situ observation of the phase transformation from calcite to lime by electron-irradiation damage investigated with high and low kV transmission electron microscopy
PS1.9PosterIron valence state distribution at the nano-scale in comet Wild2 material from the Stardust mission - A coordinated TEM/STEM EDX/STXM study
PS1.9PosterThe influence of xylem cell wall organisation and composition on the microstructure of Chemnitz petrified wood
PS1.9Poster"Guarinite" from Monte Somma, Italy: HRTEM investigation of a complex modular structure
PS1.9PosterMicroanalysis of mineral inclusions in primary baddeleyite from the Phalaborwa complex
PS1.9PosterTexture characterization of quartz defects by combining EPMA-cathodo-luminescence and SEM-electron back scattering diffraction techniques
PS1.9PosterMinerals characterization using precession electron diffraction
PS1.9PosterUnraveling the formation of alteration materials within a martian meteorite by analysing fresh surfaces

PS1.10: Low Dimensional Materials
PS1.10InvitedProbing two-dimensional materials one atom at a time in a scanning transmission electron microscope
PS1.10InvitedProgress in growth and characterisation of III-V nanowires
PS1.10InvitedProcessing and aberration-corrected imaging of inorganic two-dimensional nanostructures
PS1.10InvitedDefects, Dislocations and Disorder in Graphene at the Atomic Level
PS1.10OralStructural intricacies of unsupported intermetallic Ga-Pd catalyst nanoparticles studied by high resolution and three-dimensional electron microscopy
PS1.10OralPolarity and faceting in II-VI semiconductor wurtzite nanorods determined by EW reconstruction and HRSTEM
PS1.10OralZ-contrast Imaging of h-BN and Metal-h-BN Interaction
PS1.10OralDirect imaging of single Au atoms within GaAs nanowires
PS1.10OralAtomic scale quantification of Ge diffusion in Si by correlative analysis of STEM imaging and EELS imaging
PS1.10OralMomentum dependent electron energy-loss in single - and multi-layer graphene
PS1.10OralE-beam induced surface activity changes of cerium oxide nanocrystals observed with in-situ aberration corrected TEM imaging at TV-rate
PS1.10OralCo and Pt implantation through nanoporous masks observed by aberration-corrected STEM and spectrum imaging
PS1.10OralAberration corrected imaging of a carbon nanotube encapsulated Lindqvist Ion for correlation with Density Functional Theory
PS1.10OralPolarity determination in III-V nanowires using CBED and focal series reconstruction
PS1.10OralCathodoluminescence mapping of localized light emission on III-V nanowire heterostructures
PS1.10OralNanometer cathodoluminescence of defects in few layers h-BN flakes
PS1.10OralModeling and measuring the strain state of decahedral nanoparticles
PS1.10OralAtomic scale site and direction-specific patterning of freestanding monolayer graphene at elevated temperature
PS1.10OralDetermination of polarization fields in single GaN/AlN nanowire heterostructures by direct correlation between high resolution electron microscopy and electronic transport
PS1.10OralMulti-L10 domain CoPt and FePt nanoparticlesrevealed by electron microscopy
PS1.10OralImaging the third dimension in multilayered graphene/boron nitride electronic device structures
PS1.10OralIII-V Semiconductor Nanowires Studied by Low-temperature Cathodoluminescence
PS1.10OralAtomic scale imaging and spectroscopy of 2D silica glass on graphene
PS1.10OralProbing graphene defect structures and optical properties at the single atom level
PS1.10OralSTEM characterization of the synthesis of metallic core/shell nanoparticles using ALD
PS1.10OralNovel 2.5 D Solid State Order Revealed by TEM: Transrotational Microstructure in Crystallizing Amorphous Films
PS1.10OralSelective phase stabilization and epitaxial axial heterojunctions in branched ITO nanowires revealed by advanced TEM
PS1.10OralLattice relaxation in icosahedra of binary alloys: Segregation vs. intrinsic effects
PS1.10PosterA FIB-based platform for molecular electronic measurements
PS1.10PosterPolytypism in InN nanopillars grown on Si(111)
PS1.10PosterA bright-field imaging method for thickness measurements of suspended graphene/graphite flakes
PS1.10PosterCurvature driven nanoparticles decoration of graphene membranes
PS1.10PosterQuantitative measurement of composition fluctuations in InGaN quantum wells
PS1.10PosterExit wave reconstruction analysis of the oxidation mechanism in Ni multitwinned nanoparticles
PS1.10PosterDynamical behavior of organic molecules encapsulated in single wall carbon nanotubes investigated by Aberration Corrected-HRTEM
PS1.10PosterPolarity assignment in ZnTe, GaAs, ZnO and GaN-AlN nanowires from direct dumbbell analysis by means of aberration corrected HAADF and ABF STEM.
PS1.10PosterTuning complex shapes in Pt(0) nanoparticles : from cubic dendrites to five-fold stars
PS1.10PosterAdvanced high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy of graphene made by chemical intercalation.
PS1.10PosterRelaxation Mechanisms of InSb/GaSb quantum dots
PS1.10PosterCurrent induced restructuring of doped carbon nanotubes
PS1.10PosterTEM characterization of FCC-like Silicon nanocrystals
PS1.10PosterDensity functional theory (DFT) simulations of the electron energy loss spectra (EELS) of hydrogenated graphene and graphene nanoribbons
PS1.10PosterGraphene re-knits its holes
PS1.10PosterSTEM characterization of InxGa1-xAsySb1-y nanostructures
PS1.10PosterCollective electronic excitations in graphene-based systems: first-principle and model calculations
PS1.10PosterCs-corrected STEM characterization of Au@Pd Core@Shell Nanocubes
PS1.10PosterIn-situ Low Voltage HRTEM Studies of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Interactions with Transition (d-Element) Metal Clusters
PS1.10PosterHRTEM composition measurements of InAs/GaAs submonolayer depositions
PS1.10PosterTEM analysis and crystallographic features of twisted prismatic BN and BNC nanotubes.
PS1.10PosterShrinking of FIB cut nanogaps in gold wires down to 5nm by electrodeposition
PS1.10PosterEvolution of the electrical properties of graphene during focused ion beam irradiation at different temperatures
PS1.10PosterProducing Cu-Ag core-shell nanoparticles by spinodal decomposition
PS1.10PosterAtomic-scale analysis of chemical bonding of graphene on SiC by aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy
PS1.10PosterCathodoluminescence assessment of III-V nanowire heterostructures
PS1.10PosterIn-situ production of tunable nanoporous carbon nanospheres by electrical breakdown
PS1.10PosterCharacterization of ultrathin MoS2 flakes through electron diffraction and HRTEM investigations
PS1.10PosterSTEM- EELS low loss mapping of carbon nanocones
PS1.10PosterExtended shadow-FIB technique for orientation-specific sectioning of anisotropic nanostructures applied to GaN/InGaN core shell nanowires
PS1.10PosterGraphene nanoplatelets (GNPs): new preparation methods and their structural characterization
PS1.10PosterMeasurement and reconstruction of 3D strain distribution within and around In(Ga)As quantum dots embedded in GaAs matrix
PS1.10PosterThe structure of 1D and 3D CuI nanocrystals grown within 1.5 – 2.5 nm SWCNTs (CCVD).
PS1.10PosterTEM/STEM characterization of polar and semipolar InGaN quantum dots
PS1.10PosterDiscrete tomography of SiO2-based nanotubes and their 3D network
PS1.10PosterA confocal Raman AFM study of graphene
PS1.10PosterSurface roughening of chemical vapour deposited SiGe layers
PS1.10PosterDetermination of exciton dead layer thicknesses in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
PS1.10PosterImaging and structural characterisation of 2D nanomaterials
PS1.10PosterElectron microscopy studies of SiC nanowires grown on the surface of carbon fibers.
PS1.10PosterChemically ordered decahedral FePt Nanoparticle
PS1.10PosterElectron irradiation damages on CdSe/CdZnS QDs
PS1.10PosterNew Type of Ordering in Bi-Cr-S Misfit Layer Compounds
PS1.10PosterStudying Sb distribution in heterostructured GaAs/GaAsSb nanowires with quantitative HAADF-STEM
PS1.10PosterInvestigation of the core and edge structure of carbon cones and discs
PS1.10PosterMicrostructure study of the TiO2 nanorod arrays for quantum-dot sensitized solar cell
PS1.10PosterAtom counting of Au clusters using Cs-corrected HAADF-STEM
PS1.10PosterThree dimensional bilayer graphene
PS1.10PosterIs there a chance for mapping optical properties of buried quantum structures by means of Low Voltage Valence EELS in a STEM?
PS1.10PosterIn-situ dynamic TEM studies of Ga-ion implantation, subsequent defects evolution and thermal curing of Ge nanowires
PS1.10PosterQuantum dot nucleation on focused ion beam patterned GaAs substrates
PS1.10PosterHigh-resolution TEM study on internal metal-carbon interface in carbon nanotubes
PS1.10PosterNanoparticle characterization by aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy
PS1.10PosterFabrication of two-dimensional nanostructures for novel nanoelectric devices using focused particle beam irradiation

PS2.1: Advances in Scanning Probe Microscopy: applications at the Nanoscale
PS2.1InvitedUltrafast AFM with a light touch
PS2.1InvitedHigh-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy (HS-AFM) monitors dynamic membrane protein interaction and assembly
PS2.1InvitedImaging magnetization dynamics in atomically engineered nanomagnets
PS2.1InvitedVideo-STM studies of adsorbate dynamics at solid-liquid interfaces
PS2.1InvitedScanning Tunneling Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy of Individual Molecules on Thin Insulating Films
PS2.1InvitedObserving the osmophobic effect in action at the single molecule level
PS2.1OralFriction Coefficient Mapping (FCM) and Triboadhesion Mapping (TM): Surface Microstructure and Function
PS2.1OralNanoscale channels on chlorite mineral surfaces: microscopical evidence for plant-driven fungal dissolution
PS2.1OralQuantitative nano-mechanical mapping of the interactions between bio-molecules on surfaces.
PS2.1OralFrictional force microscopy of two-dimensional materials
PS2.1OralForce mapping of the selective adhesion behavior of genetically engineered peptides for inorganics (GEPIs)
PS2.1OralAM-FM and loss tangent imaging - two new tools for quantitative nanomechanical properties
PS2.1OralObserving of Charges Stored in Metal-Oxide-Nitride-Oxide Semiconductor Flash Memory by Using Higher Order Nonlinear Dielectric Microscopy
PS2.1OralDetermination of the spring constants of the higher flexural modes of microcantilever sensors
PS2.1OralMolecular resolution studies of soft matter by torsional tapping atomic force microscopy
PS2.1OralAtomic Force Microscopy with C60 Molecular Probes
PS2.1OralSimultaneous atomic force microscopy and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy for characterisation of thin supported lipid films
PS2.1OralSimultaneous qPlus AFM and STM of Ag:Si(111)-(√3x√3)
PS2.1PosterSurface Imaging and Studies of Local Materials Properties with Atomic Force Microscopy S. Magonov, J. Alexander, S. Belikov and C. Wall NT-MDT Development Inc. Tempe AZ USA
PS2.1PosterNanoscale morphology and nanomechanical characterisation of recombinant human Amyloid-β 1-42 via tapping mode and ultrasonic force microscopies
PS2.1PosterTraceable nanomaterial metrology with scanning probe microscopy
PS2.1PosterAtomic Force Microscopy for Biomedical Applications
PS2.1PosterResolution improvement of scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy by measuring the super higher-order nonlinear dielectric constants
PS2.1PosterDetermination of AFM Probe Properties
PS2.1PosterImaging of bacterial cells and their interactions with pharmaceutically relevant materials using heated probes
PS2.1PosterA Versatile Toolset for Nanometer Scale Research in Life Science
PS2.1PosterAdvanced characterizations of material propertieson the nanometer scale using atomic force microscopy
PS2.1PosterOvercoming Challenges in Nano Surface Manipulation Techniques by Programming Surfaces for Selective Adsorption
PS2.1PosterHigh-throughput Nanopatterning of Organic Thin Films via Particle Lithography: a Scanning Probe Microscopy Study
PS2.1PosterScanning probe microscopy of AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs layers prepared in cross-section via beam exit Ar-ion polishing
PS2.1PosterMicrocantilevers as ultrasensitive probes of mass and intermolecular interactions
PS2.1PosterCombining SEM, AFM and Nano-Probing: In situ Atomic Force Microscopy with Conductive Tips
PS2.1PosterNear-field Raman spectroscopy using photochemically prepared nanoparticles as optical antennae

PS2.2: Advances in SEM
PS2.2InvitedApplications of environmental scanning electron microscopy, X-ray energy dispersive spectrometry and focussed ion beam techniques to cultural heritage research
PS2.2InvitedOverview of SEM developments and potential
PS2.2InvitedThe latest technologies of ultra-high resolution SEM and future possibilities
PS2.2InvitedApplication of advanced diffraction techniques in the SEM
PS2.2OralHigh Resolution X-Ray Microanalysis and Imaging with State of the Art FE-SEM
PS2.2OralCharacterization of the self-healing property of glassy composites using HT-ESEM
PS2.2OralLive correction of drifts during 3D-FIB experiments
PS2.2OralThe application of transmission EBSD to study nanocrystalline materials
PS2.2OralMass measurements using electron scattering employing an "in-lens" scanning electron microscope
PS2.2OralCoupling SEM and Raman spectroscopy - a powerful tool for geological materials characterisation
PS2.2OralX-ray microtomography with submicron spatial resolution in SEM.
PS2.2OralThree-dimensional analysis of plastic strain propagation in metallic materials by 3D-EBSD
PS2.2PosterAccessing structure-property relationships in thin-film solar cells on flexible substrates by scanning electron microscopy
PS2.2PosterRecent Advancements in HRSEM Technique for observing fine details of Nanostructured Materials
PS2.2Poster30kV STEM imaging with lattice resolution using a high resolution cold FE-SEM
PS2.2PosterThe feasibility of cryo in-SEM Raman microspectroscopy.
PS2.2PosterA new electron detection system of FE-SEMCharacterization of fine surface structures
PS2.2PosterHydrogen gas filled blister-like structures of plasma loaded tungsten - evaluation by using QMS in a SEM/FIB
PS2.2PosterIntroducing twin X-ray detectors and fast backscattered electron imaging through a new Field Emission SEM from Carl Zeiss
PS2.2PosterHigh-angle transmission electron diffraction in a scanning electron microscope
PS2.2PosterApplications of electron channneling contrast imaging for characterising nitride semiconductor thin films in a scanning electron microscope
PS2.2PosterTHE SEM/FIB WORKBENCH: Automated Nanorobotics system inside of Scanning Electron or Focussed Ion Beam Microscopes
PS2.2PosterA new technique used in dermathophytes morphology description at Microsporum gypseum and Microsporum canis species
PS2.2PosterMorphological evolution of sub-nanometer SiC surface steps upon graphitization via electron channeling contrast imaging.
PS2.2PosterReal time SEM image restoration by a multi-scale analysis; Mach_bandLet
PS2.2PosterA pixellated solid-state approach to secondary electron detection in the scanning electron microscope
PS2.2PosterAFM in ESEM: new possibilities and applications
PS2.2PosterObservation of the fine structures of green energy materials by a high resolution FE-SEM
PS2.2PosterThe angular dependences of average energy of backscattered electrons and optimal configuration of BSE detectors in SEM
PS2.2PosterSEM/FIB/SPM with analytical attachments as a multifunctional tool
PS2.2PosterThe reasons of distinctions of experimental values of dielectricselectron-beam charging times
PS2.2PosterElectron tomography of nanostructures in the SEM
PS2.2PosterThe modified toroidal electron spectrometer for microtomography and spectroscopy in SEM
PS2.2PosterA Newly Developed Soft X-ray Spectrometer for Electron Probe Microanalyser:Observation of Li-K Emission Spectrum and Chemical Bonding State Analysis
PS2.2PosterA novel FE-SEM column with beam deceleration technology for improving low-voltage resolution
PS2.2PosterThe structure of omega3 food emulsions.
PS2.2PosterLL-BSE electron contrast from hybridization & band gaps in FE-SEM
PS2.2PosterNew arguments leading to improve the description of the beam skirt in VP-SEM, ESEM
PS2.2PosterIn situ Force Measurements Made Easy: Characterizing Microstructures in the SEM
PS2.2PosterEucentric Positioning inside the FIB/SEM - a Compact Solution
PS2.2PosterCharacterization of the morphology and chemical composition of magnetic FexPd1-x nanorods by advanced FEGSEM and low-voltage EDS analyses
PS2.2PosterComposition quantification by backscattered electron imaging in scanning electron microscopy
PS2.2PosterAdvanced Cryo-SEM FIB measurements in detergents and personal care products.

PS2.3: In Situ and Environmental EM
PS2.3InvitedIn Situ and Operando Transmission Electron Microscopy of Thermal and Photocatalysts
PS2.3InvitedUnderstanding abnormal grain growth in nanograined nickel through the combination of in situ TEM and precession microscopy
PS2.3InvitedIn-situ probing of crystal growth on the nano-scale
PS2.3InvitedIn-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy at pressures 1-5 bar and elevated temperatures
PS2.3OralDynamic exsolution of titanomagnetites and their associated magnetic response examined by complementary environmental TEM and off-axis electron holography
PS2.3OralIn-situ HRTEM Electrical Experiments on Graphene at High Temperatures
PS2.3OralDynamic study of carbon nanotube growth and catalyst morphology evolution during acetylene decomposition on Co/SBA-15 in an environmental TEM
PS2.3OralDirect observation of electron beam induced silver nanocrystal growth by in situ liquid STEM
PS2.3OralTowards the quantitative analysis of the electron holographic phase images of electrically biased metal tips
PS2.3OralIn-situ reduction of Pt and Co3O4 nanoparticles
PS2.3OralElectrical and magnetoresistance properties of individual NiFe/Pt multilayer nanowires measured in situ in a scanning electron microscope
PS2.3OralIn situ light spectroscopy in the environmental transmission electron microscope (ETEM)
PS2.3OralIn-situ TEM on (de)hydrogenation and oxidation/reduction of Pd
PS2.3OralNickel oxide reduction studied by environmental TEM and in situ XRD
PS2.3OralCold field emission properties of a carbon cone nanotip studied by modeling and in situ electron holography
PS2.3OralElectric field holder and special sample geometry for electron holographic investigation of materials response to electric biasing
PS2.3OralA bionanoreactor for in-situ correlative microscopy
PS2.3OralIn situ investigation of influence of the Pt nanobridges geometry on the area of grain formation
PS2.3OralStudies on localized corrosion in aluminium alloys using in situ transmission electron microscopy
PS2.3OralIn-situ observation of graphene growth and dynamics of metallic systems by environmental scanning electron microscopy
PS2.3PosterReduction processes in praseodymium-doped ceria nanostructures
PS2.3PosterDynamical melting behavior of SAC solder microparticles
PS2.3PosterIn-situ observation of small polarons in Gallium oxide by aberration corrected high resolution transmission electron microscopy
PS2.3PosterMagnetization switching of manganite-based thin film heterostructures studied by Cryo Electron Holography
PS2.3PosterHydrothermal growth mechanism and reduction of α-Fe2O3 nanorods examined by in situ and environmental TEM
PS2.3PosterTransmission electron microscopy of nano-scale materials in liquid and gas environments
PS2.3PosterIn-situ and analytical transmission electron microscopy: mechanism of material transport and crystallization during the Al induced layer exchange (ALILE)
PS2.3PosterIn-situ TEM observation of keV-ion irradiation of single-walled (carbon and boron nitride) nanotubes
PS2.3PosterMulti-cycle rubbing of ceria nanoclusters: An in-situ TEM study
PS2.3PosterHot-stage TEM analysis of the CaO-CO2 powder looping system
PS2.3PosterInstrumental development and application of an in situ high voltage vacuum discharge setup in an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
PS2.3PosterNanoscale Ga liquid menisci behaviour examined by AFM and in-situ TEM
PS2.3PosterDetermination of thermodynamic properties of Metal Organic Framework mesoparticles using in situ ESEM
PS2.3PosterIn situ transmission electron microscopy study of the crystallization of bits in Ag4In3Sb67Te26
PS2.3PosterSimulating and examining neutron radiation damage in graphite with transmission electron microscopy and focused ion beams
PS2.3PosterNanomechanical testing of multiple twinned nanoparticles in-situ TEM
PS2.3PosterUse of HT-ESEM for the direct observation of ceramic sintering
PS2.3PosterNoble metal catalyst reduction, towards in-situ TEM study
PS2.3PosterLow-pressure Environmental TEM (ETEM) Studies of Au assisted MgO Nanorod Growth
PS2.3PosterIn situ TEM-nanoindentation of a silica-aluminum bilayer
PS2.3PosterComparison of EBSD derived lattice rotations with surface rotations measured using high resolution DIC
PS2.3PosterBest resolution in the Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope
PS2.3PosterIn-situ ESEM observations of colloidal failure mechanisms using the Brazilian disk test
PS2.3PosterIn-situ chemical and structural characterization of alloy nanowires using aberration-corrected STEM
PS2.3PosterIn-situ Observations of Crack Arrest and Bridging by Nanoscale Twins in Copper Thin Films
PS2.3PosterElectron diffraction study of amorphous CoP structure dynamics under the thermal impact
PS2.3PosterOn the gas-dependent image resolution in an aberration-corrected ETEM
PS2.3PosterA new atmospheric scanning electron microscope (ASEM) observes samples in liquid
PS2.3PosterIn situ Probing of Nanoscale Phenomena Using Focused Electron Beams
PS2.3PosterHigh Resolution in-situ STEM in SEM
PS2.3PosterDevelopment of new electrode materials for Li-ions batteries using in-situ HRTEM

PS2.4: 3D/4D Imaging
PS2.4InvitedElectron tomography at the atomic scale: from structures to properties.
PS2.4InvitedCorrelative 3D Tomography from the sub-µm to the sub-nm scale to explore microstructure formation driven by dopant atoms
PS2.4InvitedNovel synchrotron technique for three-dimensional chemical imaging
PS2.4InvitedThe Confluence of Aberration Correction, Spectroscopy and Multi-Dimensional Data Acquisition
PS2.4OralEEL spectroscopic tomography: towards a new dimension in nanomaterials analysis
PS2.4OralExploiting sparsity at the nanoscale: a compressed sensing approach to electron tomography
PS2.4OralAtom Probe and Electron Tomography for full 3D characterisation of semiconductor devices
PS2.4OralFour-dimensional spectral low-loss EFTEM tomography of core-shell nanowires
PS2.4OralA framework for markerless alignment with full 3D flexibility
PS2.4OralInvestigating Time-dependent Microstructures of Electrochemical Devices in 3D
PS2.4OralFocused Ion Beam Nano-Tomography using different detectors
PS2.4OralApplications for atom probe crystallography
PS2.4Oral3D Imaging of Defects in Crystalline Superlattices of CdS Clusters by Electron Tomography
PS2.4OralUltra-fast x-ray microtomography of wing beat in tethered flies
PS2.4OralCombined SIMS-SPM Instrument For High Sensitivity And High Resolution Elemental 4D Analysis
PS2.4OralFirst results with STEM EDX tomography technique on nanometer scaled structures
PS2.4OralQuantitative electron tomography of magnetite nanoparticles embedded in mesoporous silicon
PS2.4OralAutonomous tomographic reconstruction and segmentation including a confidence metric
PS2.4OralAdvanced analysis of 3D EBSD data obtained from FIB-EBSD tomography
PS2.4OralMapping of active dopants across p-n junctions in silicon and germanium using electron holographic tomography
PS2.4PosterRadiocontrast micro-CT imaging optimised for differential tissue segmentation in Calliphora vicina (blowfly)
PS2.4PosterQuantitative electron tomography investigation of a TiO2-based solar cell photoanode
PS2.4PosterImproving EFTEM 3D Chemical maps by multivariant statistical analysis and iterative denoising
PS2.4Poster3D Reconstruction of Hydroxiapatite Nanoparticles and Plates
PS2.4Poster3D Structure and Chemical Composition of Co-based Nanoparticles casted inside carbon nanotubes
PS2.4PosterModeling of the three-dimensional point spread function and application in quantitative electron tomography
PS2.4PosterAdvanced reconstruction algorithms for electron tomography: from comparison to combination
PS2.4PosterA marker-free alignment of tilt series images for tomographic reconstruction
PS2.4PosterThe visualization of Silicon nanoparticles by 3D electron tomography: use of mass-thickness contrast bright field imaging
PS2.4PosterThree-Dimensional Reconstruction of Nanocrystals Morphology from Single HAADF-HRSTEM Images
PS2.4Poster3D visualization of Nafion® ionomer at nanometer scale by HAADF-STEM electron tomography
PS2.4PosterDiscrete tomography based on a modified SIRT algorithm
PS2.4PosterElectron tomography characterization of voids in a 30nm wide copper line after electromigration test
PS2.4PosterSelf-assembly of branched nanocrystals
PS2.4PosterLow-voltage STEM tomography in ESEM: 3D characterization in function of relative humidity with a nanometer resolution
PS2.4PosterTEM and SEM tomography of polymer-based nanocomposites re-inforced by carbon nanotubes
PS2.4PosterAberration correction and scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) tomography; consequences and opportunities
PS2.4PosterAnalysis of crack formation in the oxide formed on zirconium alloys using focused ion beam sectioning and X-ray tomography
PS2.4PosterTomography of metallic nanoparticles encapsulated in hollow nanofibres
PS2.4PosterCombined 3D micro XRF - micro CT imaging
PS2.4PosterCallophrys rubi - Revealing chirality of butterfly wing scales
PS2.4PosterStressing the benefits of combining 3D and 2D (S)TEM studies for physical-chemical parameters estimations of heterogeneous catalysts: when quantification is addressed
PS2.4PosterElectron tomography of zeolite-encapsulated Pt clusters
PS2.4PosterAdvances in Atom Probe Tomography Applications
PS2.4PosterFrom the Store Shelf to Device-Level Atom Probe Analysis: An Exercise in Feasibility
PS2.4PosterComprehensive Characterization of InGaN-Based LED Structures
PS2.4Poster3D atomic structure reconstruction of a novel antiphase boundary in doped bismuth ferrite by combined imaging and spectrum imaging
PS2.4PosterThe 3D Microstructure of RR1000 Nickel-Base Superalloy: A FIB-SEM Dual-Beam Approach
PS2.4PosterElectron tomography and Optical Spectroscopy Study of Gold Bipyramids
PS2.4PosterDealloying behaviour in real engineering alloys using high resolution nanotomography
PS2.4PosterThe 3D imaging and metrology of CMSX-4 superalloy microstructure using FIB/SEM and STEM-EDX tomography methods
PS2.4PosterHigh efficiency 3D imaging using diffractive optical elements
PS2.4PosterCoordinate measurement with nano-metric resolution from multiple SEM images
PS2.4PosterNano-tomography can nondestructively reveal small 3D structures
PS2.4PosterElectron tomography simulation of graphene
PS2.4PosterTime resolved observation of in situ nanoparticle synthesis in 2D and 3D
PS2.4PosterElectron tomography and morphology analysis of amorphous a nanocrystalline alloys CoP-CoNiP and CoW-CoNiW systems.
PS2.4PosterCharacterization of polyolefin morphology by micro-CT and the prediction of their mass transport properties
PS2.4PosterTEM tomography on the growth of one-dimensional CuPcF16 nanostructures on gold nanoparticles
PS2.4PosterAu/SnO2 core-shell structure nanoparticles synthesized by precipitation method and microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis method
PS2.4PosterA concept for electron induced X-ray emission tomography (EIXE-T)
PS2.4PosterSerial block face scanning electron microscopy for three dimensional analysis in materials science
PS2.4PosterIterative fine alignment of tomographic tilt series
PS2.4PosterAn analytical expression and a rule of thumb for non-linear thickness effects in HAADF STEM imaging for finite detector sizes
PS2.4PosterAccurate tilt series alignment for single axis tomography by sinogram analysis

PS2.5: Advances in EM Instrumentation & Methods (Professor David Cockayne Memorial Symposium)
PS2.5InvitedTransmission Electron Microscopy in higher dimensions: combining temporal, spatial andenergy resolution
PS2.5InvitedBeyond the limits of imaging: recent advances and applications of model-based (scanning) transmission electron microscopy
PS2.5InvitedAtom-by-atom imaging and spectroscopy by aberration-corrected STEM
PS2.5InvitedChromatic correction: Chances and fundamental limitations of an evolving corrector technology
PS2.5InvitedTowards quantitative three-dimensional scanning confocal electron microscopy
PS2.5InvitedLow-Voltage TEM - Current Status and Future Prospects
PS2.5OralToward atom by atom quantitative analysis in STEM HAADF imaging of InGaN/GaN QWs
PS2.5OralNew concepts for quantifying the optical properties of modern high-resolution transmission electron microscopes
PS2.5OralConstruction and first results from a sample holder for cathodoluminescence measurements in a TEM
PS2.5OralDouble Aberration Corrected (AC) ETEM and (AC) ESTEM
PS2.5OralA ‘tulip aperture' providing in-focus phase-contrast in TEM
PS2.5OralA Nanocrystalline Hilbert-Phase Plate for Phase-Contrast Transmission Electron Microscopy of Amorphous Objects
PS2.5OralElectrostatic Zach phase plate imaging with invertible phase contrast of frozen-hydrated biological samples
PS2.5OralThe importance of dose-limited resolution
PS2.5OralGeneration of a spin-polarized electron beam in an electron microscope
PS2.5OralSite-specific elemental analysis under electron channelling conditions
PS2.5OralEvaluation of 30-kV microscope with Cc and Cs Correction Tandem System
PS2.5OralHighly coherent electron gun with cold field emission from carbon nano-cone tips
PS2.5OralBeyond the magnetic lens: resolution improvement by a factor of five via electron ptychography
PS2.5OralA three-dimensional investigation of the STEM-probe / sample interaction by annular dark-field focal series
PS2.5OralFull-Resolution Inline Electron Holography (FRIH)
PS2.5OralApplications of phase contrast in an aberration-corrected STEM
PS2.5OralRecent progress of high resolution off-axis electron holography
PS2.5OralA simple method to maximize beam brightness by means of an optimized extraction voltage using Electron Holography
PS2.5OralQuantification of the electron beam-induced diffusion of surface atoms on Au nanoparticles
PS2.5OralMode conversion of vortex electrons
PS2.5PosterMigration of mammalian cells in a novel nanochamber; its potential use for cryo-electron tomography
PS2.5PosterFirst results of 20 kV EFTEM of core-shell QDS with an albumin-derived polypeptide surface coating on graphene
PS2.5PosterPerformances of a cold FEG microscope with an objective lens aberration corrector
PS2.5PosterStrain and chemical mapping of semiconductor nanostructures using high resolution HAADF-STEM images.
PS2.5PosterInitial Results of Atomic Level EELS Mapping Analysis Using High-Energy Edges in DualEELS™ Mode
PS2.5PosterHAADF-STEM simulations of gold nanoclusters utilizing site-dependent Debye-Waller factors
PS2.5PosterTime-efficient frozen phonon multislice calculations for image simulations in high-resolution STEM
PS2.5PosterReconstruction of the projected crystal potential using HRTEM – prospects for materials science investigations
PS2.5PosterMeasuring strain using aberration corrected High Resolution Scanning Tranmission Electron Microscopy
PS2.5PosterField Mapping with 1 nm spatial resolution by off-axis electron holography.
PS2.5PosterImaging with a hole-free phase plate
PS2.5PosterEffects of residual aberrations explored on single-walled carbon nanotubes
PS2.5PosterPreparation of Materials for EBSD using an Adjustable Broad Beam Ion Source
PS2.5PosterOff-axis holography with a Cc-Cs-corrector
PS2.5PosterElectron exit wave restoration from low-dose HRTEM data
PS2.5PosterCombined magnetic immersion field imaging and annular detection for charge free high resolution SEM imaging.
PS2.5PosterHigh resolution transmission electron microscopy study of surface reconstruction on faceted cubeoctahedral γ-Al2O3 nanoparticles
PS2.5PosterOptimized conditions for high-resolution double-biprism holography
PS2.5PosterAcquisition time versus data quality in energy dispersive spectroscopy
PS2.5PosterConcentrated Ar Ion Milling for aberration corrected electron microscopy: a review
PS2.5PosterAd hoc auto-tuning of aberrations using atomic-resolution STEM images by autocorrelation function
PS2.5PosterAtomic scale quantification of chemical composition using model-based HAADF STEM
PS2.5PosterAtom counting in HAADF STEM using a statistical model-based method
PS2.5PosterGPU accelerated image simulation, image processing and exit wave reconstruction
PS2.5PosterHAADF STEM quantification of single atom distributions on supported catalysts using scattering cross sections
PS2.5PosterThe positioning of thin-film magnetic rings as phase plates for transmission electron microscopy
PS2.5PosterMeasurement of chromatic aberration in STEM and SCEM by coherent CBED
PS2.5PosterAutomating phase plate assisted phase contrast microscopy with Leginon and Zeiss TEMs
PS2.5PosterA methodology for determining the optimal Gaussian function to correct the effect of spatial incoherence in Z-contrast images.
PS2.5PosterOptimising (dark-field) electron holography through instrumentation
PS2.5PosterAn improved method for large scale geometric phase analysis
PS2.5PosterEFTEM image calculation based on mutual coherence approach
PS2.5PosterQuantitative calibration of a differential phase contrast detector for electric field measurement
PS2.5PosterContrast formation mechanism of spherical aberration corrected bright-field STEM images using a middle collection angle
PS2.5PosterAn Improved Phase Mask for Electron Vortex Beams
PS2.5PosterDetection and correction of magnification variation in through-focus HRTEM image series
PS2.5Poster3D Electron Diffraction by the Rotation Method
PS2.5PosterSilicon-based thin film phase plates for 300 kV: First Installation in an FEI Titan Krios
PS2.5PosterPost-processing of STEM Data for Instability and Drift Compensation
PS2.5PosterFinding optimum sample orientation for investigation of grain boundaries by HRTEM
PS2.5PosterFeasibility study of the application of the charge flipping algorithm to atomic resolution tomography
PS2.5PosterDetermining partial two particle structure factors from elemental maps of multi-elemental disordered structures
PS2.5PosterSimulations of atomic-resolution elemental maps using the multislice method
PS2.5PosterMagnetic imaging using a pixelated detector for differential phase contrast in the scanning transmission electron microscope
PS2.5PosterA new linear transfer theory for image detectors: Theory and experiment
PS2.5PosterBloch wave scattering by dopant atoms in HAADF STEM
PS2.5PosterMeasurements of Beam Damage of Radiation Sensitive Materials in the Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM) Configuration
PS2.5PosterElectron Microprobe Analysis at High Spatial Resolution with a Field Emitter. Applications in Geology and in Metallurgy
PS2.5PosterMonochromated high resolution STEM
PS2.5PosterA fingerprint to determine resolution and residual aberrations from reconstructed electron waves
PS2.5PosterSimultaneous imaging of single gold atoms and lattice fringes of nano-particles in annular dark-field scanning transmission electron microscopy

PS2.6: Electron Diffraction and crystallography
PS2.6InvitedPrecession electron diffraction for solving and refining problem structures
PS2.6InvitedElectron Diffractive Imaging Techniques and Applications for Atomic and Nanoscopic Scale Materials Characterization.
PS2.6OralA direct approach to coherent diffractive imaging
PS2.6OralSeeing the whole picture - removing the constraint of overlapping beams in 'digital' electron diffraction patterns
PS2.6OralFeeling the pressure: A comparison of TEM based strain mapping techniques for materials science.
PS2.6OralMeasuring strain on nanoscaled materials by nanobeam electron diffraction
PS2.6OralCBED and aberration-corrected STEM EELS investigations of Cu, Zn cation disorder in a Cu2ZnSnS4 photovoltaic absorber material
PS2.6OralDynamical 2-beam theory for dark-field electron holography and the propagation of geometric phase
PS2.6OralStructure refinement from precession electron diffraction data
PS2.6OralElectron Diffraction Studies of Molecular Disorder in TIPS-Pentacene
PS2.6OralThe Metallic Bond in Aluminium
PS2.6OralFourier transform holography: A lensless non-destructive imaging technique
PS2.6Oral4D Electron Diffraction by Large-Angle Rocking-Beam Electron Diffraction (LARBED)
PS2.6OralThe "L13" ordered structure in copper-platinum alloys
PS2.6OralElastic propagation of fast electron vortices through crystals
PS2.6PosterImproved strain field reconstruction in a 45 nm technology by using <340> CBED and recursive dynamical simulation
PS2.6PosterLattice mismatch and static disorder in hydrogen-intercalated GaAs/GaAs1-xNx- GaAs1-xNx:H planar heterostructures investigated by CBED and LACBED
PS2.6PosterSolving incommensurately modulated structures using precession electron diffraction: the case of Bi5Nb3O15
PS2.6PosterSAED analysis of precipitates in directionally solidified molybdenum alloy micro pillars
PS2.6PosterCurrent progress in ptychographic electron coherent diffractive imaging
PS2.6PosterUCAHRED: Software developed at the University of Cádiz to achieve High Resolution Electron Diffraction
PS2.6PosterNano-beam diffraction investigation of the strain evolution in SiGe‑channel pFETs with gate first or gate last process.
PS2.6PosterInvestigation of the R- and V-unit in the abundant coccolithophore species Emiliania huxleyi - an electron diffraction study
PS2.6PosterQuantitative analysis of Electron Diffraction Ring Patterns using the MAUD program
PS2.6PosterSystematic Zone Axis Analysis of Nanoparticles with York ED
PS2.6PosterQuantitative analysis of precession electron diffraction: application to the determination of ordering state in pyroxene
PS2.6PosterQuality Assessment of Gallium Arsenide Nanopillars using EBSD
PS2.6PosterStudy of BaGe5 by manual electron-diffraction tomography
PS2.6PosterInfluence of annealing on the microstructure of the Cu-10Ni-5.5Sn alloy
PS2.6PosterNanoscale Precession Electron Diffraction using a FEI Titan 80-300 AC-(S)TEM
PS2.6PosterEnergy Filtered Precession Electron Diffraction
PS2.6PosterMapping orientation in nanowires using precession electron diffraction
PS2.6PosterThree beam convergent beam electron diffraction for rapid and accurate structure determination
PS2.6PosterExperimental charge density of hematite in its magnetic low temperature and high temperature phases
PS2.6PosterAutomated electron diffraction tomography - a quantitative approach
PS2.6PosterEffect of HOLZ Reflections in Electron Channeling Microanalysis For Highly Uniaxially Anisotropic Materials
PS2.6PosterRelativistic calculations of elastic and inelastic scattering processes in oriented crystals using relativistic propagator theory
PS2.6PosterElectron diffraction study on radiation-induced chemical disorder in covalent materials
PS2.6PosterIdentification by a systematic method combining PED and CBED of interfacial intermetallic phases in an Al-Cu weld
PS2.6PosterTowards automatic allignment of a crystalline sample in an electron microscope along a zone axis
PS2.6PosterAngular sensitivity of crystallographic orientation analysis by scanning nanobeam electron diffraction
PS2.6PosterUsing Bloch-waves for amorphous materials?
PS2.6Poster3D electron diffraction tomography studies of titanosilicate framework
PS2.6PosterStructure determination of alluminides using solely electron crystallography methods
PS2.6PosterSuperdislocation characterization by means of large angle convergent beam electron diffraction
PS2.6PosterGe and Mo containing precipitates in higher manganese silicide crystals Mn4Si7
PS2.6PosterKikuchi bandlet method: A method for accurate Kikuchi band intensity analysis in EBSD patterns
PS2.6PosterAutomated amorphous phase detection through template matching

PS2.7: Advances in spectroscopy in STEM and CTEM
PS2.7InvitedAtomic-resolution elemental mapping using energy-dispersive x-ray (EDX) spectroscopy
PS2.7InvitedVortex electrons as a probe for novel spectroscopic information at the atomic scale
PS2.7InvitedApplications of electron energy loss spectroscopy with high spatial resolution and high energy resolution
PS2.7InvitedNanooptics with fast electrons: beyond simple cases?
PS2.7OralOxidation State Mapping: from bulk to the atomic scale
PS2.7OralThe usage of density functional theory modelling to aid in the characterisation of single and double-layer hexagonal boron nitride
PS2.7OralAngular momentum resolved EELS by energy filtered nanobeam diffraction
PS2.7OralTheory of electron vortex-beam interaction with atoms
PS2.7OralExtending the nanoscale imaging of plasmonic modes into the mid-infrared regime
PS2.7OralMapping substrate-induced hybridised surface plasmon resonances of a silver nanocube using machine learning methods
PS2.7OralIdentification of single atoms using energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy
PS2.7OralQuantitative core-loss EELS at the atomic scale
PS2.7OralSynergies between EDX and EELS Chemical Analysis on a Probe Corrected STEM
PS2.7OralSite-specific electronic structure analysis by high angular resolution EELS using electron standing wave
PS2.7PosterHigh-speed STEM spectrum-imaging using simultaneous EELS and EDS
PS2.7PosterApplication of the SmartEFTEM-SI method to characterize beam-sensitive materials
PS2.7PosterDevelopment of integrated electron spectroscopic STEM system
PS2.7PosterPlasmonic measurements on gold nanostructures via monochromated EELS
PS2.7PosterQuantitative helium bubble characterisation in Fe-Cr alloys and steels by electron energy-loss spectroscopy and ICA
PS2.7PosterQuantitative electron microscopy analysis of the polar discontinuity at oxide interfaces
PS2.7PosterCathodoluminescence spectroscopy study on individual CdSe/CdS Quantum Dots
PS2.7PosterEELS of NiO: Advantages of core-hole calculations using the modified Becke-Johnson potential
PS2.7PosterApplication of ChemiSTEM EDX to elemental mapping of gamma' and gamma'' nanoparticles in Inconel 718 superalloy
PS2.7PosterThickness dependence of optical guided modes excited in a single-crystal silicon slab using angular resolve EELS
PS2.7PosterAnalytical Transmission Electron Microscopy in the Third Dimension
PS2.7PosterPhase transformations in Al alloys during heat treatment investigated by in situ TEM
PS2.7PosterThe spatial distribution of electrons scattered elastically and inelastically by a crystal
PS2.7PosterQuantitative assessment of EMCD signals in real and reciprocal space in single and multilayer samples
PS2.7PosterEnhancing EELS signal by means of beam precession
PS2.7PosterSDD-EDX: element analysis of nanostructures in STEM
PS2.7PosterA high resolution STEM study of the ZrN-SiN multilayer structure
PS2.7PosterDetermination the position of the Compton scattering in energy loss spectroscopy
PS2.7PosterChemical inhomogeneity during the growth of MnFe2O4 nanocrystals studied by STEM/EDX and EELS/ESI
PS2.7PosterTowards single atom sensitivity in the analytical TEM
PS2.7PosterSuper-X: Characterization of a new generation EDXS detector
PS2.7PosterA New Method to Validate Ionization Cross-Sections and Coster-Kronig transition factors for Quantitative X-Ray Microanalysis
PS2.7PosterEstimation of Detectability Limits in EELS with Monte Carlo Simulations
PS2.7PosterMultivariate statistical analysis of energy filtered TEM spectral images
PS2.7PosterSimulating HR-EFTEM images for orbital mapping
PS2.7PosterSimulating the energy-loss near edge structure for interferometric EELS in reciprocal space
PS2.7Poster2D elemental map at sub-Angstrom resolution using a Cs-Corrected STEM equipped with an improved cold field emission gun
PS2.7PosterCoherence measurements on electrons inelastically scattered at surfaces
PS2.7PosterA factorization approach to the density matrix in energy loss spectrometry
PS2.7PosterTransition probability functions for applications of inelastic core-loss scattering of fast electrons
PS2.7PosterHigh-Speed Composition Analysis of High-Z Metal Alloys in DualEELS Mode
PS2.7PosterElectronic structure of MgS and MgYb2S4 compounds by EELS and real-space multiple scattering calculations
PS2.7PosterOptaDOS - a tool for EELS calculations
PS2.7PosterNovel method for quantitative extraction of EMCD signals from energy-filtered electron diffraction using multivariate curve resolution technique
PS2.7PosterCalibration of thickness-dependent k-factors of Germanium X-ray lines for improved analytical transmission electron microscopy of SiGe layers
PS2.7PosterComparing experiment with theory of X-ray absorption in thin SiGe films
PS2.7PosterDetermining sample thickness in transmission electron microscopy using X-ray line intensity ratios
PS2.7PosterHunting the Silicon loss function with 13 keV electrons in a TEM
PS2.7PosterRobust quantification of EELS datasets using a model based fitting approach

PS2.8: Advances in Ion Microscopy
PS2.8InvitedIs helium ion beam induced processing applicable to EUV mask repair?
PS2.8InvitedNovel developments in FIBSEM add-on systems: in-situ TOF-SIMS, in-situ AFM, and gas injection.
PS2.8InvitedFocussed ion beam scanning electron microscopy in biology
PS2.8InvitedApplication of the Helium Ion Microscope to Biological Sciences and Nanopatterning
PS2.8OralBeyond Helium: The Future of Helium Ion Microscopy
PS2.8OralThe impact of Ga from FIB micromachining on surface mechanical properties
PS2.8OralHelium Ion Microscopy - Utilizing Channeling Contrast for Materials Investigation
PS2.8OralNanostructuring and in-situ characterization of cantilever resonators with a Dual Beam FIB-SEM system
PS2.8OralNovel plasma FIB/SEM for high speed failure analysis, 3D tomography and other applications
PS2.8OralTowards Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry On The Helium Ion Microscope
PS2.8OralSingle-atom tip as an emitter of gas field ion sources
PS2.8OralModeling for multi-beam ion microscopy
PS2.8OralModification of the samples with helium ion microscope combined with local heating
PS2.8PosterBeam-scanning strategies for optimization of helium-ion beam induced deposition
PS2.8PosterMilling of extremely thin silicon-on-insulator using the helium ion microscope
PS2.8PosterReduction of FIB-induced nanocrystallisation for constant material removal rates in nanomachining
PS2.8PosterThin layer plastification vs. block embedding: two alternative strategies for 3D-imaging of cultured cells and biofilms by FIB/SEM
PS2.8PosterPrecise localization and 3D microscale analysis on millimeter size surface areas of metals using FIB/SEM
PS2.8PosterA Study of In-situ Grain Size Observation of Sn-0.7Cu Using FIB/SEM
PS2.8PosterTEM specimen preparation of a SiC/SiC composite by conventional ion-milling, tripod polishing and focused ion beam (FIB): a comparative study
PS2.8PosterNew possibilities for soft matter applications: Eliminating technically induced thermal stress during FIB processing
PS2.8PosterSite-specific, cross-sectional TEM samples of as-grown nanowires by FIB
PS2.8PosterImproving efficiency, functionality and resolution capabilities of electron beam induced deposition processes
PS2.8PosterLow-energy He+ ion beam interaction with Au(111): damage and channeling
PS2.8PosterA novel concept for producing high brightness, low energy spread ion beams of various ion species
PS2.8PosterNew Tools for Preparing Ultra-Thin TEM Samples
PS2.8PosterReliable Solution for ultra-thin HRTEM Lamella Fabrication by means of BSE Thickness Mapping in Combination with the novel "X2" Preparation Method
PS2.8PosterSecondary electron yield and energy distribution from conductors and insulators in helium ion microscope
PS2.8PosterMeasuring the apparent beam size of focused ion beam (FIB) systems
PS2.8PosterStructural characterization of diamond damage induced by Ga+ focused ion beam
PS2.8PosterEfficient and Precise Sample Preparation by Combination of Pulsed Laser Ablation and FIB Milling

PS2.9 Emerging and Late Breaking Topics in Physical Sciences
PS2.9OralAccurate measurement of the optical focus in laser scanning microscopy
PS2.9OralChemical imaging at the nanoscale: A new concept in scanning X-ray microscopy
PS2.9OralSimulation and Diagnostics of Electron Vortex Beams Produced by Holographic Masks.
PS2.9OralObservation of gold nanoparticles movements under sub-10 nm vortex electron beams in an aberration corrected TEM
PS2.9OralAutomated, portable and low-cost optical microscope
PS2.9OralIn situ point group symmetry determination and local organization of non-centrosymmetric materials with second-harmonic generation microscopy
PS2.9OralCharacterisation of GaN-InGaN Core-Shell Nanowires for use in Light Emitting Diodes
PS2.9OralMicroscopies with Synchrotron Radiation at the Diamond Beamline I13
PS2.9PosterQuantitative characterization of aggregated and agglomerated titanium oxide nanomaterials by transmission electron microscopy
PS2.9PosterCharacterization of colloidal gold and silver nanomaterials by advanced transmission electron microscopy
PS2.9PosterCharacterization of MBE grown InAs/GaSb heterostructure interfaces
PS2.9PosterSurface plasmon mapping of the silver layer in a silicon solar cell using energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy
PS2.9PosterQuantitative X-ray ptychographic phase imaging of M-270 amine superparamagnetic dynabeads.
PS2.9PosterDimensional and phase characterization of Al2O3 nanoparticles obtained by LEC technique
PS2.9PosterOxydation state study in Ptn+-CeOx catalyst on CNTs
PS2.9PosterQuantitative comparison of thermal distribution measurement techniques; Infrared thermography and thermoreflectance microscopy
PS2.9PosterQuantitative characterization of synthetic amorphous silica nanomaterials dispersed in different media by transmission electron microscopy
PS2.9PosterOrientation contrast imaging and EBSD analysis on ARMCO steel and AZ31 alloy deformed by in-situ compression and tensile testing
PS2.9PosterThree-Dimensional Hetero-epitaxial Assembly of Single-Crystalline Wurtzite Structured ZnO/ZnS Core/Shell Nanorods Array
PS2.9PosterA laboratory-based soft x-ray microscope