The 15th European Microscopy Congress

Manchester Central, United Kingdom

was held on 16th - 21st September 2012

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LS1.6: Imaging and flow cytometry in Cancer Biology
Session co-organisers: Andy Riddell, Janet Fisher, Derek Davies, Ian Titley
Imaging and flow cytometry are well established and widely used technologies that have an important role to play in many areas of biology and biomedical research. This is particularly true in the study of cancer: cell development, cell-cell interactions, cell proliferation and cell death. Recent advances combining flow and substrate-based cytometry, the emergence of high-throughput and high-content analysis systems and the ability to image and quantitate fluorescence from individual single cells in flow have increased our understanding of cancer cell biology and have led to improvements in drug targeting, delivery and monitoring. This session will encompass these advanced cytometric techniques.

Thursday 20th September AM
10:00 Using Computer Vision to See Cellular Networks

Chris Bakal (Invited) Institute of Cancer Research, UK

10:30 Mapping signalling events in the immune system, in situ

Margaret Harnett (Invited) University of Glasgow, Scotland
11:00 Sensing Dynamic Changes In Complex Tumor Cell Populations By Imaging And Flow Cytometry: Role Of NCAM Polysialylation-In Adherence Transitions Of Small Cell Lung Cancer

Paul Smith (Invited) Cardiff University, Wales
11:30 An imaging parallel microfluidic cytometer

Daniel J Ehrlich (Invited) Boston University, USA