The 15th European Microscopy Congress

Manchester Central, United Kingdom

was held on 16th - 21st September 2012

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LS2.5: 3-D electron microscopy of structure-function studies
Session co-organisers: Sue Vaughan, Ashraf Al-Moudi, Thomas Muller-Reichert
3-D electron microscopy techniques such as cellular electron tomography, cryo-microscopy, FIB-SEM and SBF-SEM are important tools to advance our understanding of the spatial organisation of living systems.  This session aims to highlight both technical developments in 3-D microscopy and how these techniques are used in biological applications.

Tuesday 18th September PM
14:00 In and out of mitosis - Correlative light and electron microscopy for structural cell biology

Thomas Muller-Reichert (Invited) TU Dresden, Germany
14:30 3D correlative light and scanning electron microscopy

Miriam Lucas (Contributed) EMEZ, ETH Zurich

14:45 Three dimensional organisation of connections between basal bodies

K Towers (Contributed) Oxford Brookes University

15:00 From FACS to single cell 3D ultrastructure: Array tomography on cytotoxic cells from Zebrafish

I Wacker (Contributed)  Institute for Biological Interfaces, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

15:15 Eukaryotic like membrane dynamics in prokaryotic cells of Ignicoccus

Thomas Heimerl (Contributed) Universität, Regensburg, Germany

15:30 3D visualisation of the assembly complex in cells infected with human cytomegalovirus by serial sectioning electron microscopy

Clarissa Villinger (Contributed) Ulm University, Germany

15:45 Ultrastructure tools for Drosophila wing imaginal disc analysis and correlative microscopy

Irina Kolotueva (Contributed) Institut de Génétique et Développement de Rennes, Université Rennes 1, France

Wednesday 19th September AM
10:00 Molecular structure of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-rapsyn clusters in native membrane by cryo-electron tomography

Benoit Zuber (Invited) University of Bern, Institute of Anatomy, Switzerland
10:30 Structure of the T7 packaging motor: implications in DNA translocation

María I. Daudén (Contributed) National Biotechnology Center-CSIC, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

10:45 Molecular structure, packing and release of MUC2 with relevance to Cystic Fibrosis

H Nilsson (Contributed) Karolinska Institutet, Huddinge, Sweden

11:00 Comparison of different methods of three-dimensional reconstruction of electron microscopic data

A. A. Mironov (Contributed) Istituto FIRC di Oncologia Molecolare, Milan, Italy

11:15 The use of serial block face scanning electron microscopy for high throughput analysis of extracellular matrix deposition

T Starborg (Contributed) University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

11:30 Optimization of biological sample preparation for 3-D electron microscopy

Caroline Kizilyaprak (Contributed) University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

11:45 Staining strategy of mitotic human chromosomes for three-dimensional structural characterisation

M Yusuf (Contributed) London centre for Nanotechnology, University College London, London, UK