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Manchester Central, United Kingdom

was held on 16th - 21st September 2012

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PS1.10: Low Dimensional Materials
Session co-organisers: Ursel Bangert, Jeremy Sloan, Reine Wallenberg
Materials , which are restricted in one, two or even three dimensions are playing an ever increasing role in electronics, opto-electronics, photonics, biology and medicine, due to their unusual physical properties, which can be tailored with controlled restraining of the dimensions.
Advanced high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy techniques are central to providing direct proof of the atomic-scale structure, which plays a key role in determining the specific properties of low-dimensional structures.  
The symposium invites contributions describing current research on novel low dimensional materials, including:

Nano-carbons, including graphene

Nano-wires and –rods,

Quantum-wells  and –dots


Monday 17th September AM
10:00 Probing two-dimensional materials one atom at a time in a scanning transmission electron microscope
Quentin Ramasse (Invited) SuperSTEM Laboratory, UK
10:30 Atomic scale quantification of Ge diffusion in Si by correlative analysis of STEM imaging and EELS imaging
Prestat (Contributed) CEA-INAC-UJF, France
10:45 Probing graphene defect structures and optical properties at the single atom level
Zhou (Contributed) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
11:00 Co and Pt implantation through nanoporous masks observed by aberration-corrected STEM and spectrum imaging
Moebus (Contributed) University of Sheffield, UK
11:15 Z-contrast Imaging of h-BN and Metal-h-BN Interaction
Zan (Contributed) The University of Manchester, UK
11:30 Novel 2.5 D Solid State Order Revealed by TEM: Transrotational Microstructure in Crystallizing Amorphous Films
Kolosov (Contributed) Ural Federal University, Russia
11:45 Modeling and measuring the strain state of decahedral nanoparticles
Ophus (Contributed) Lawrence Berkley National Lab, USA

Monday 17th September PM
14:00 Progress in growth and characterisation of III-V nanowires
Reine Wallenberg (Invited) Lund University, Sweden
14:30 Direct imaging of single Au atoms within GaAs nanowires
Barsadan (Contributed) Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
14:45 Polarity and faceting in II-VI semiconductor wurtzite nanorods determined by EW reconstruction and HRSTEM
Bertoni (Contributed) IMEM-CNR, Italy
15:00 Selective phase stabilization and epitaxial axial heterojunctions in branched ITO nanowires revealed by advanced TEM
Lebedev (Contributed) Laboratoire CRISMAT, UNR 6508, CNRS-ENSICAEN, France
15:15 Determination of polarization fields in single GaN/AlN nanowire heterostructures by direct correlation between high resolution electron microscopy and electronic transport
Den-Hertog (Contributed) Institut Néel, CNRS - Université Joseph Fouriere, France
15:30 Cathodoluminescence mapping of localized light emission on III-V nanowire heterostructures
Zagonel (Contributed) Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory
15:45 III-V Semiconductor Nanowires Studied by Low-temperature Cathodoluminescence
Gustafsson (Contributed) Solid State Physics and the Nanometer Structure Consortium, Lund University, Sweden

Tuesday 18th September AM
10:00 Defects, Dislocations and Disorder in Graphene at the Atomic Level
Jamie Warner (Invited) University of Oxford, UK
10:30 Aberration corrected imaging of a carbon nanotube encapsulated Lindqvist Ion for correlation with Density Functional Theory
Sloan (Contributed) University of Warwick, UK
10:45 Atomic scale imaging and spectroscopy of 2D silica glass on graphene
Kurasch (Contributed) Electron Microscopy Group of Materials Science, University of Ulm, Germany
11:00 Atomic scale site and direction-specific patterning of freestanding monolayer graphene at elevated temperature
Xu (Contributed) Kavli Institute of Nanoscience,NCHREM, The Netherlands
11:15 Imaging the third dimension in multilayered graphene/boron nitride electronic device structures
Haigh (Contributed) University of Manchester, UK
11:30 Momentum dependent electron energy-loss in single - and multi-layer graphene
Wachsmuth (Contributed) Ulm University, Germany
11:45 Nanometer cathodoluminescence of defects in few layers h-BN flakes
Bourellier (Contributed) Laboratoire de la physique des solides, France

Tuesday 18th September PM
14:00 Processing and aberration-corrected imaging of inorganic two-dimensional nanostructures
Valeria Nicolosi (Invited) Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
14:30 Structural intricacies of unsupported intermetallic Ga-Pd catalyst nanoparticles studied by high resolution and three-dimensional electron microscopy
Leary (Contributed) University of Cambridge, UK
14:45 E-beam induced surface activity changes of cerium oxide nanocrystals observed with in-situ aberration corrected TEM imaging at TV-rate
Bhatta (Contributed) University of Sheffield, UK
15:00 STEM characterization of the synthesis of metallic core/shell nanoparticles using ALD
Verheijen (Contributed) Eindhoven University of Technology
15:15 Multi-L10 domain CoPt and FePt nanoparticlesrevealed by electron microscopy
Florent Tournus (Contributed) University of Lyon 1, France
15:30 Polarity determination in III-V nanowires using CBED and focal series reconstruction
Ek (Contributed) Lund University, Sweden
15:45 Lattice relaxation in icosahedra of binary alloys: Segregation vs. intrinsic effects
Pohl (Contributed) IFW Dresden, Germany