The 15th European Microscopy Congress

Manchester Central, United Kingdom

was held on 16th - 21st September 2012

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PS1.4: Advanced Materials
Session co-organisers: Rebecca Higginson, Miran Ceh
Microscopy is critical in the development of new and advanced materials for today’s society.  This session will consider the use of microscopy as a research tool in materials science and engineering covering areas from advanced material structures to material defects. This session includes all materials groups; metals and alloys; ceramics and polymeric materials, in various morphological forms (bulk, powders, layered structures, nanotubes, nanorods, etc.) where a range of microscopical techniques have been utilised in their study and development.

Wednesday 19th September PM
14:00 Microstructural development in manganese cobaltite coatings on metallic interconnects for solid oxide fuel cells
Mark Aindow (Invited) University of Connecticut, USA
14:30 Characterization of Nanometals
Dorte Juul Jensen (Invited) Risoe National Laboratory, Technical University of Denmark-DTU, Denmark
15:00 Microstructure evolution and age-hardening of hexagonal α' martensite in Ti-12mass%V-2mass%Al alloys on annealing
K Sato (Contributed) Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Japan
15:15 On the structural origin of the catalytic properties of inherently strained ultrafine decahedral gold nanoparticles
MJ Walsh (Contributed) University of York, UK
15:30 Atomic mechanisms of phase transformations for two-dimensional precipitates in aluminium
L Bourgeois (Contributed) Monash University, Australia
15:45 EM study of the effect of Nb on the large hysteresis of Ni-Ti-Nb shape memory alloys
D Schryvers (Contributed) University of Antwerp, Belgium

Thursday 20th September AM
10:00 Atomic Resolution Microscopy of Advanced Materials for Thermoelectric Applications
Velimir Radmilović (Invited) University of Belgrade, Serbia
10:30 Self-assembled GaN nanowires nucleated on diamond substrate: direct polarity measurements, epitaxy and luminescence properties
R Zamani (Contributed) Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)
10:45 Towards generalized formation mechanism of hollow nanospheres as nanocontainers for gas produced by pulsed-laser ablation into an ambient nitrogen
S Strum (Contributed) Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
11:00 HAADF STEM investigation of precipitates in an Al-Mg-Si-Ge-Cu alloy
R Bjorge (Contributed) Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
11:15 Freely suspended membranes from epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide
B Butz (Contributed) Center for Nanoanalysis and Electron Microscopy (CENEM), Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
11:30 Structural and chemical transformation of CdSe/Au and CdS/Au heteronanocrystals by means of in situ heating and irradiation
M.A.van Huis (Contributed) Utrecht University, The Netherlands
11:45 Hairpin-like defects in perovskite-based structures with crystallographic shear planes
M Batuk (Contributed) EMAT, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Thursday 20th September PM
14:00 Microscopic studies of surface layers and interfaces in advanced nanoparticle systems for applications in electronics and photonics
Erdmann Spiecker (Invited) Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen, Germany
14:30 New nano-architectures of mesoporous silica spheres analyzed by advanced electron microscopy
OI Lebedev (Contributed) Laboratoire CRISMAT, UNR 6508, CNRS-ENSICAEN, France
14:45 EELS-HAADF combination for characterization of a new AlN/GaN DBRs growth method
A Eljarrat (Contributed) Universitat de Barcelona
15:00 Subwavelength optical properties of individual color in diamond nanoparticles measured by hyperspectral cathodoluminescence
LHG Tizei (Contributed) LPS - U. Paris Sud
15:15 TEM study of the structural evolution of ionic solids from amorphous to polycrystalline phases in the case of alkali difluoride systems
X Mu (Contributed) Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
15:30 Intermetallic phases formation in solid Fe – liquid Al diffusive system
A Hessler-Wyser (Contributed) Centre Interdisciplinaire de Microscopie Electronique, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
15:45 EELS, HAADF and TEM studies of carbon segregation in a TiB2-Fe composite
M Walls (Contributed) CNRS, France