The 15th European Microscopy Congress

Manchester Central, United Kingdom

was held on 16th - 21st September 2012

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PS2.4: 3D/4D Imaging
Session co-organisers: Guenter Moebus, Christian Kuebel
Introducing higher dimensions into microscopy in the widest possible sense is at the core of this session. Methods and applications of 3D imaging will comprise tomographic reconstruction schemes to achieve 3D volume representations, and furthermore include non-tomographic 3D techniques, whether based on diffraction, low-depth of focus, or various slicing schemes. The session extends over all radiations and instrumentations with a focus on nanoscale resolutions. Examples could be X-ray/synchrotron techniques, electron microscopy, focused-ion beam, and field-ion atom probe techniques. Cross-disciplinary applications will complement methodology, ranging from inorganic materials science, over polymer structures, to the great variety of nanoobjects, including particles, rods, porous materials and nano-composites.
The fourth dimension aspect of the session invites contributions beyond volume reconstructions, to possibly include time-domain or spectroscopic energy domain as a fourth coordinate. Chemical Mapping tomography is one main aspect, whether by analytical TEM or by Atom Probe, or X-ray absorption, while tomography of dynamic processes could be the second major topic.

Tuesday 18th September AM
10:00 Electron tomography at the atomic scale: from structures to properties
Sara Bals (Invited) University of Antwerp, Belgium
10:30 Exploiting sparsity at the nanoscale: a compressed sensing approach to electron tomography
Leary (Contributed) University of Cambridge, UK
10:45 Autonomous tomographic reconstruction and segmentation including a confidence metric
Wollgarten (Contributed) Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Germany
11:00 A framework for markerless alignment with full 3D flexibility
K.J. Batenburg (Contributed) University of Antwerp, Belgium
11:15 3D Imaging of Defects in Crystalline Superlattices of CdS Clusters by Electron Tomography
Kuebel (Contributed) KIT, Germany
11:30 Quantitative electron tomography of magnetite nanoparticles embedded in mesoporous silicon
Uusimaeki (Contributed) Institute for Electron Microscopy, Graz University of Technology, Austria
11:45 Mapping of active dopants across p-n junctions in silicon and germanium using electron holographic tomography
Wolf (Contributed) TU Dresden, Germany

Tuesday 18th September PM
14:00 The Confluence of Aberration Correction, Spectroscopy  and Multi-Dimensional Data Acquisition 
Nestor Zaluzec (Invited) Argonne National Laboratory, USA
14:30 First results with STEM EDX tomography technique on nanometer scaled structures
Lepinay (Contributed) STMicroelectronics, France
14:45 EEL spectroscopic tomography: towards a new dimension in nanomaterials analysis
Yedra (Contributed) Laboratory of Electron Nanoscopies (LENS)- MIND/IN2UB, Dept. d'Electrònica, Universitat de Barcelona
15:00 Four-dimensional spectral low-loss EFTEM tomography of core-shell nanowires
Haberfehlner (Contributed) CEA, LETI, France
15:15 Combined SIMS-SPM Instrument For High Sensitivity And High Resolution Elemental 4D Analysis
Wirtz (Contributed) Centre de Recherche Public - Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg
15:30 Novel synchrotron technique for three-dimensional chemical imaging
Simo Huotari (Invited) ESRF, Grenoble, France

Wednesday 19th September AM
10:00 Correlative 3D Tomography from the sub-µm to the sub-nm scale to explore microstructure formation driven by dopant atoms
Frank Mücklich (Invited) Saarland University, Germany
10:30 Advanced analysis of 3D EBSD data obtained from FIB-EBSD tomography
Konijnenberg (Contributed) Department of microstructure physics and alloy design, Max-Planck-Institute for Iron Research, Germany
10:45 Applications for atom probe crystallography
Moody (Contributed) University of Oxford, UK
11:00 Atom Probe and Electron Tomography for full 3D characterisation of semiconductor devices
Serra (Contributed) CEA, LETI, France
11:15 Ultra-fast x-ray microtomography of wing beat in tethered flies
Schwyn (Contributed) Imperial College London, UK
11:30 Investigating Time-dependent Microstructures of Electrochemical Devices in 3D
Shearing (Contributed) UCL, UK
11:45 Focused Ion Beam Nano-Tomography using different detectors
Cantoni (Contributed) EPFL-CIME, Switzerland