The 15th European Microscopy Congress

Manchester Central, United Kingdom

was held on 16th - 21st September 2012

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PS2.5: Advances in EM Instrumentation & Methods (Professor David Cockayne Memorial Symposium)
Session co-organisers: Peter Nellist, Joachim Mayer, Max Haider, Sarah Haigh
Recent years have seen rapid developments in electron microscope instruments, in particular in the areas of aberration correctors, monochromators, high brightness guns, enhanced analytical performance, new detectors and phase plates.  Combined with parallel advances in quantification, modelling and image processing, these developments have had a significant impact on the quality of the resultant data, with unprecedented spatial and energy resolutions being achieved.  This session will seek to review the latest results and to explore the challenges and opportunities that arise in the use of such new instrumentation and methods.  

Wednesday 19th September PM
14:00 Atom-by-atom imaging and spectroscopy by aberration-corrected STEM
Ondrej Krivanek FRS (Invited) Nion Company, USA
14:30 A three-dimensional investigation of the STEM-probe / sample interaction by annular dark-field focal series
Jones (Contributed) University of Oxford, UK
14:45 Toward atom by atom quantitative analysis in STEM HAADF imaging of InGaN/GaN Qws
Rotunno (Contributed) National Research Centre IMEM-CNR, Italy
15:00 Beyond the magnetic lens: resolution improvement by a factor of five via electron ptychography
Rodenburg (Contributed) University of Sheffield, UK
15:15 Towards quantitative three-dimensional scanning confocal electron microscopy
Peng Wang (Invited) University of Oxford, UK
15:45 Applications of phase contrast in an aberration-corrected STEM
Krumeich (Contributed) Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry, ETH Zurich

Thursday 20th September AM
10:00 Evaluation of 30-kV microscope with Cc and Cs Correction Tandem System
Sawada (Contributed) CREST, Japan
10:15 Chromatic correction: Chances and fundamental limitations of an evolving corrector technology
Joachim Zach (Invited) CEOS GmbH, Germany
10:45 The importance of dose-limited resolution
Egerton (Contributed) University of Alberta, Canada
11:00 A Nanocrystalline Hilbert-Phase Plate for Phase-Contrast Transmission Electron Microscopy of Amorphous Objects
Dries (Contributed) Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
11:15 Electrostatic Zach phase plate imaging with invertible phase contrast of frozen-hydrated biological samples
Frindt (Contributed) University of Heidelberg, Germany
11:30 A ‘tulip aperture' providing in-focus phase-contrast in TEM
Buijsse (Contributed) FEI Company, The Netherlands
11:45 Construction and first results from a sample holder for cathodoluminescence measurements in a TEM
Bauer (Contributed) University of Regensburg

Thursday 20th September PM
14:00 Double Aberration Corrected (AC) ETEM and (AC) ESTEM
Boyes (Contributed) University of York, UK
14:15 Quantification of the electron beam-induced diffusion of surface atoms on Au nanoparticles
Surrey (Contributed) IFW Dresden, Germany
14:30 Low-Voltage TEM - Current Status and Future Prospects
Ute Kaiser (Invited) University of Ulm, Germany
15:00 Recent progress of high resolution off-axis electron holography
Niermann (Contributed) Technische Universität Berlin
15:15 Full-Resolution Inline Electron Holography (FRIH)
Koch (Contributed) Ulm University
15:30 A simple method to maximize beam brightness by means of an optimized extraction voltage using Electron Holography
Lenk (Contributed) Technische Universität Dresden Triebenberglabor
15:45 Highly coherent electron gun with cold field emission from carbon nano-cone tips
Houdellier (Contributed) CEMES CNRS, France

Friday 21st September AM
10:00 Beyond the limits of imaging: recent advances and applications of model-based (scanning) transmission electron microscopy
Sandra Van Aert (Invited) University of Antwerp, Belgium
10:30 Angular momentum resolved EELS by energy filtered nanobeam diffraction
Schneider (Contributed) LSME, Switzerland
10:45 Site-specific elemental analysis under electron channelling conditions
Hetaba (Contributed) Institute of Solid State Physics, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
11:00 Generation of a spin-polarized electron beam in an electron microscope

Grillo (Contributed) CNR Istituto di Nanoscienze-S3, Italy

11:15 New concepts for quantifying the optical properties of modern high-resolution transmission electron microscopes

Thust (Contributed) Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany

11:30 Transmission Electron Microscopy in higher dimensions: combining temporal, spatial andenergy resolution

Piazza (Invited) EPFL, Switzerland

12:00 Mode conversion of vortex electrons

P Schattschneider (Contributed) Institute of Solid State Physics, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
This session is sponsored by the Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group (EMAG), IOP Institute of Physics