The 15th European Microscopy Congress

Manchester Central, United Kingdom

was held on 16th - 21st September 2012

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Specimen Preparation at the RMS Learning Zone

Specimen preparation is particularly important when imaging biological samples in the confocal and electron microscopes.  Ideally, perfectly prepared immunofluorescence experiments should have a high signal to noise ratio and include a range of control samples.  These parameters are often dictated by the quality of antibody, but the experts on the RMS Learning Zone may be able to offer hints and tips that could improve your sample preparation.  Considerations in preparation such as choice of fixative and quality of antibody are important and the experts are happy to pass on their experiences and tips.

Standard chemical fixation of biological material for the electron microscope can induce numerous artefacts, however making slight changes (based on knowledge of the chemical interactions within your sample) could improve the quality of your sample preparation.  

Microscopists from different backgrounds will be available to answer your questions about specimen preparation, for EM and confocal including preparation of cells, tissues and cell-biomaterial composites.  And if you have any recurrent problems or issues with specific samples or labelling then please come and ask.  There will be short seminars on specimen preparation for immunofluorescence and chemical fixation for electron microscopy every day.