The 15th European Microscopy Congress

Manchester Central, United Kingdom

was held on 16th - 21st September 2012

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Company workshops
Monday 17th September 2012

Workshop stand 1

Workshop stand 2

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CN Techical Services Limited presenting NaugaNeedles LLC (USA) (PS2.1) - Special, custom made SPM NeedleProbes from NaugaNeedles


Leica - New Leica TCS SP8 - Looking forward to your discoveries

Asylum Research (PS1.2)- Smaller and Quieter: Ultra-High Resolution AFM Imaging

Gatan - K2 Summit, the First Counting, Super-Resolution, Direct Detection Camera for TEM


Carl Zeiss - The Evolution of Optical Sectioning Microscopy - Choosing the correct method for your application

Carl Zeiss - Novel TEM EDS Detector for High Solid Angle Detection

Carl Zeiss - AURIGA® Laser: Efficient and precise sample preparation by combination of pulsed laser ablation and FIB milling


Indigo Scientific - Advances in microscope incubation systems

Nanofactory Instruments (PS2.3) - New Techniques for Tomorrow's TEM Material Research. Going from viewing samples to performing your experiments inside the TEM in real time

Photometrics - Methods for Testing and Evaluating Cameras


HREM Research Inc. - Quantitative HAADF analysis (qHAADF)/Quantit ative Electron Diffraction (QED)

Hummingbird Scientific (PS2.3) - In Situ TEM materials characterization in liquid and gas

NT-MDT Europe BV (PS2.1) - Progress in Intergration of SPM with Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy Approaches


PCO AG - FLI-Cam – a frequency-domain fluorescence lifetime imaging system based on a new directly modulatable CMOS image sensor

Tietz Video and Image Processing - TEM Cameras for Material Science Applications