The 15th European Microscopy Congress

Manchester Central, United Kingdom

was held on 16th - 21st September 2012

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Company workshops
Wednesday 19th September 2012

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Gated STED: The Next Milestone in Confocal Super-Resolution

HREM Research Inc. -  Peak-Pairs Analysis (PPA)/Multivaria te Statistical Analysis (MSA)

JEOL (PS2.2) - Introduction of New Concept InTouch and Benchtop SEM

Conference sessions


Agilent - New Low Voltage FE-SEM & AFM Techniques Offer Unprecedent ed Glimpse into Graphene

EDAX - 3D Investigation of Phase and Element Structures of Nd2Fe14B Super Magnets

Advanced Microscopy Techniques (Deben UK) - Impact of CMOS Sensors in Diffraction and High Mag TEM Imaging

Conference sessions


Imagic - IMS: A Fully Intergrated System with Direct Connection to Microscopy and Camera System

FEI Company - Mind the Gap: Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy Strategies and Applications

JEOL (PS2.2)- Introduction of JSM-7800F Gentle Beam Super High SEM

Xradia (PS2.4)-  3D X-ray Microscopy to Extend the Reach of the Central Microscopy Lab


Carl Zeiss - Improved Methods for Conjugate Immunofluor escence and Electron Microscopic Array Tomography

Carl Zeiss - Introducing SIGMA HD: Fast, multiple channel, EDS mapping combined with simultaneous in-lens SE and multimode STEM detection all in one FE-SEM

Carl Zeiss - Bridging the Gap between Structure and Biological Function - Correlative microscopy in bioscience with “Shuttle & Find”

Hitachi (PS2.2) - Ground-braking imaging and analysis of nanomaterials with the world’s highest resolution



CN Techical Services Limited presenting MTI Instrumen ts (USA) (PS2.2) - Tensile Testers for SEM and SPM

JEOL - Introduction of JEM-ARM200F Atomic Resolution TEM

Leica - Leica Super-resolution Ground State Depletion (GSD): Breaking the barriers

Conference sessions


Olympus SIS - Selcting the Right Camera for your TEM Application

Olympus - The open source microscope concept

Hitachi (PS2.2)- "Clever little SEM" - performing advanced & automated EDX with a benchtop SEM

Conference sessions


Gatan- Advances in Argon ion milling for SEM specimen preparation and cross sectioning

Delmic (LS2.3 & LS2.7) - Intergrated Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

Fischione - Advances in materials sample preparation using concentrated Ar ion milling for high resolution and corrected TEM

Conference sessions