The 15th European Microscopy Congress

Manchester Central, United Kingdom

was held on 16th - 21st September 2012

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Company workshops
Tuesday 18th September 2012

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HREM Research Inc.-  Exit Wave Reconstructi on (IWFR, FTSR, QPt)

Hysitron - (PS2.3 & PS1.7) In-Situ Nanomechanics

NT-MDT Europe BV (PS2.1) - Tip enhanced Raman scattering: approaching 10 nm resolution in optical imaging

Conference sessions


Lumen Dynamics - Which light source is best suited for your application? Lamp, Laser or LED?

WITec/LOT - Confocal 3D & Topographic Raman Imaging

Conference sessions


Imagic - IMS-Bio. More than just managing images

Thermo Scientific (PS1.1) - Full Chemical Characterization for Surfaces and Microstructures with XPS ad Microanalysis

Asylum Research (PS1.2) - New Scanning Modes, Software Features and Accessories for Asylum Research AFMs

Xradia (PS2.4) - Non-destructive X-ray microscopy and 3D in situ measurement for 4D studies


Carl Zeiss - Tracking Down Molecular Structures - ELYRA - discover the world of super-resolution

Carl Zeiss - Introduction of Merlin FE-SEM series

Carl Zeiss - Optical Sectioning without Lasers - A kinder environment for your live cells

Hitachi (PS2.2)- More than you ever expected of a tungsten VP-SEM: Hitachi SU3500


Leica - SHARPER IMAGES AT LOWER POWER: Gated STED: The Next Milestone in Confocal Super-Resolution

Femtonics (LS1.7) - Fast Two-Photon Imaging with up to Three-Dimensional Random Access Scanning in Large Tissue Volumes

Alicona UK Ltd - Dimensial Measurement Using the SEM

Conference sessions


Leica - Leica Super-resolution Ground State Depletion (GSD): Breaking the barriers

Olympus - Dedicated Objectives – Expert Optics for Expert Users

NT-MDT Europe BV (PS2.1) - Progress in Intergration of SPM with Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy Approaches

Conference sessions


Gatan - Advances in Argon ion milling for TEM specimen preparation

Tietz Video and Image Processing- TEM Cameras for Life Sciences Applications

Photometrics - Methods for Testing and Evaluatinig Cameras

Conference sessions