The 15th European Microscopy Congress

Manchester Central, United Kingdom

16th - 21st September 2012

The European Microscopy Society presents

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Sponsored articles

The following sponsored articles have been submitted by exhibitors.

Connect with Thermo Scientific at EMC 2012 on Stand 305
Free Seminar:  Characterization of Surfaces and Microstructures with XPS and Microanalysis, and live demonstrations.
First Class Secondary Antibodies From Jackson ImmunoResearch Labs Inc.
Discover more about their diverse range of conjugates which include Fluorophores, Enzymes and Biotin, our Fluorophores include Alexa Fluor®, DyLightsTM and CyanineTM dyes.
NanoMEGAS: 3D  Precession  Diffraction Tomography  in  TEM / case study.    
A  100  years old problem solved :  the  structure  of  vaterite.

Carl Zeiss: ORION NanoFab
ORION NanoFab: Extending nanofabrication to the sub-10nm scale. Precise and controlled machining combined with rapid prototyping using a combination of helium, neon and gallium ion beams.
Agilent Technologies: properties of graphene at the nanoscale
Agilent Technologies has recently introduced novel field-emission scanning electron microscopy (8500 FE-SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) methods for studying the properties of graphene at the nanoscale.
Hitachi - Inspire the Next
EMC2012 is the perfect place to find out what’s new and exciting in electron microscopy. To find out how Hitachi is helping to transform electron microscopy why not join us in Manchester in September?
NanoMEGAS - A forest in the nanoworld
III-V semiconductor nanowires represent the forefront of the solid state physics and technology.